Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] UMBRELLA ]5) wmmmi 35, ABOVE-BAB, SOUTHAMPTON (Exactly opposite Hanover-Buildings). p Begs respectfully to inform Ms Friends and the Public generally, that he has always on sale a choice and well-se [...]
Full text:[...] Medical Electricity and Galvanism, continued. Galvanism as a Medical Agent is in its application adapted to the character x)f the disease; in some disorders its administration is not disagreeable, bu [...]
Full text:[...] ELECTRICITY AND GALVANISM, AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT, ' In the cure of disease, when employed with experience and judgment, is by no means second to the systems either of Allopathy, Hydropathy, or Homoe [...]
Full text:[...] SURGEON DENTIST, CORNER OE PORTLAND-STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, and 129, STRAND, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1805. Gratefully appreciating the liberal patronage with which he has so long been favoured, assures his [...]
Full text:[...] |toperft! |koferfiflti Jmrieftj, For Insurance against Losses by Theft, and for the better securing the Prosecution of Offenders, 23, NEW BRIDGE-STREET, BLACKFRIARS, LONDON. CAPITAL—£ 150,000. Sir Al [...]
Full text:[...] LOMER'S OLD-ESTABLISHED FAMILY TEA-WAREHOUSE, AND WIRE-VAULTS. 5, HIGH-STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. II The Executors of the late Mr. William Lomer, as also of his Widow, the late Mrs. Harriet Lomer, beg to a [...]
Full text:[...] ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE COMPANY, t ^ For granting- Insurances against Death and Personal Injury arising* from Accident or Violence of every description [including Railway Accident J. Em/powered un [...]
Full text:[...] atlptar, Embraces the present opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and his Friends generally of Southampton and its Vicinity, for the very kind patronage and s [...]
Full text:[...] Ni ALEXANDER MARTIN, PAINTER, op 18, Upper East-Street, Southampton. In respectfully tendering grateful acknowledgements to his Friends and the Public in general for past Favours, begs to intimate th [...]
Full text:[...] #wm & immna Cntitjrmm, Established 1848. FOR GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE AND LOSS OF LIFE AT SEA. INCORPORATED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. CAPITAL £100,000, IN SHARES OF £5 EACH. office f I; Leadenhall-Street, [...]
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