Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] Robert Ingram, Thomas Heath, Jacob Adams, John Tilbury, William May, William Stewart, John Bettle, William Applin, William Batters, Mrs. Eliza Biggs, Mrs. Ann Oxford, [...]
Full text:[...] Witt, Henry 2 Renwick & Crosbie 3 Gravett, James 4 Oakley, John 5 Hewett, John 4 Pearce, Mrs. 6 May, John Bishop, Richard 15 Rogers, Samuel 14 Ireland, Alfred 13 Welch, Charles 12 Soper, [...]
Full text:[...] Manning, Joseph, Redbridge Mansbridge, B., Prince's-street Marlow, W., 13, Up. East-street May, George, 4, Strand Meacher, W., 59-60, Millbank-st.1 Medley, William, 16, French-st. Millard, [...]
Full text:[...] Dom Dorr Drev Dun( Du 6 EUy( Ever Fish Grad Gro\ Hart Han Hod Hun Jaco Terh Kers Lam Lew Mar Mar May Mel< Mill , Mill Mit [...]
Full text:[...] Alresford, W. Taylor, esq. Holdenhurst, Christchurch, Rev. F. Hopkins Holmewood, Ryde, Lieutenant May. nard, r.n. Holly-batik, Emsworth,Maj. Mundav Holly-cottage, Lymington, Mrs. Wynch Hollycomb, [...]
Full text:[...] than eighteen miles in such twelve hours. NUMBER OF PASSENGERS. The number of passengers which may be required to be conveyed,in or upon a Carriage with two horses shall be six, and in or upon a [...]
Full text:[...] Wheeler, H. Paskins, C. Forder. Second Class—W. James, E. Wild, G. Odell, W. Tune, W. Stavely, J. May-nard, J. Gregory, W. G. John, G. Scott. Messengers—James Foot, J. R. Hunt. coast guard stations, [...]
Full text:[...] Polytechnic Institution. The other I Meetings are held at 119, High-street, and admission to these may be obtained by application to any of the Members. The Meetings commence at half-past | eight [...]
Full text:[...] Madge, John, 27, Bullar-street Marsh, Henry, 11, Carlton-plac? Martin, Richard, 14, French-st. May, John, 6, Up. St. Mary's-st. Miller, James, Alfred-street Milsom, H., 6, Upper Canal-walk Mould, [...]
Full text:[...] M'Queen, A., 36, South-front Maffey, J., 14, Commercial-road Mann, Thomas, 25, Bemard-st. May, William, Northam-street Mayoss, W. F., 55, Lr. East-street Medlicott, S., 10, Onslow-road [...]
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