Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE COMPANY, t ^ For granting- Insurances against Death and Personal Injury arising* from Accident or Violence of every description [including Railway Accident J. Em/powered un [...]
Full text:[...] |toperft! |koferfiflti Jmrieftj, For Insurance against Losses by Theft, and for the better securing the Prosecution of Offenders, 23, NEW BRIDGE-STREET, BLACKFRIARS, LONDON. CAPITAL—£ 150,000. Sir Al [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN BUTTON, dispensing sfakhly chemist 8, Prospect-Place, Southampton. Sole Manufacturer and Proprietor of the Celebrated SEMFEETJDIAN SHAVING-PASTE, Sold in Pots, at la, 2s., & 5s. each, by all Dru [...]
Full text:[...] LAW FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY, Offices, 5 and 6, Chancery-lane, London. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £6,000,000 STEELING. trustees. The Right Hon. the Earl of Devon. The Right Hon. Lord Truro. The Right Hon the [...]
Full text:[...] PROVIDENT No. 50, REGENT-STREET, City Branch—No. 2, Royal Exchange-Buildings, London. Established 1806. Policy Holders' Capital, £1,238,855. Animal Income, £153,000. Bonus declared, £743,000. Claims [...]
Full text:[...] THE ALLIANCE BRITISH & FOREIGN LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY, L@Nl©©NU Capital £5,000,000 Sterling. Established 1824. BOARD OF DIRECTION. Samuel Gubnby, Esq. James Alexander, Esq. Sir E. N. Buxton, [...]
Full text:[...]  if .1* • «/w>/vy\A/v/vAAy \/v/w»/w \J u\/v«A ■ * fl /v r v < k v-v '» tfv A n A ... . .'W t-VV V\/VV wv\/ »/V\AAA/\/VW»/V;*/ PUBLIC LIBRARY, 143, HIGH-STREET. -==£@3==- V, - «4-^ J7
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