Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. 59 PILOTAGE.—PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON SUB-COMMISSIONERS OF PILOTAGE. T. Powell, esq. David Corke. FIRST-CLASS PILOTS. Richard Bowen, Hamble John Faulkner, 1, Vyse-lane James Lebern, [...]
Full text:[...] (Jg GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, ORCHARD-STREET. Collector,—-f— Collector's' Clerk—Mr. J.' Withycombe, Orchard-street. Supervisor, ——— First Division Officer—Thomas Chappell, 34, Bevo [...]
Full text:[...] miscellaneous dibeotoby. 101 SOUTHAMPTON RIFLE CLUB. Chairman-—T. W. Fleming, esq. Vice-Chairman—Captain Williamson. Committee. W. H. Ogden, esq. — Petler, esq. W. B. Norcott, esq. John Wiblin, esq. [...]
Full text:[...] Hand-in-Hand Fiee & Life Insurance Society (continued). LIEE DEPARTMENT. The important advantages offered by the plan and constitution of the Life Department of this Society, are— That Insurers are p [...]
Full text:[...] PALK'S 2in$*Y Will, on trial, be found to exceed anything of the kind ever offered to the public, as a safe, certain, and easy application for removing Grease Spots out of Silks, Stuffs, and Woollens [...]
Full text:[...] MMOT HBATTlHtS, Mtxl to fktte-lkr, SOUTHAMPTON. MB. BELVILLE PENLEY, TfUdjoect^uffy auuouticed tfiat fie £ad entered ujoow a JBeade tfie a6ove TSatfU, wfiicft fiave (jeeu tRocoug&fy, repaired and tre [...]
Full text:[...] NORTH BRITISH INSURANCE COMPANY (CONTINUED). LIFE ASSURANCE. The system adopted by this Corporation combines the principle of Mutual Assurance with the security of a large Capital, and the support of [...]
Full text:[...] #wm & immna Cntitjrmm, Established 1848. FOR GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE AND LOSS OF LIFE AT SEA. INCORPORATED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. CAPITAL £100,000, IN SHARES OF £5 EACH. office f I; Leadenhall-Street, [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. 61 ONE HORSE. For every Carriage drawn by one horse only, for any time (employed in eoing from any Stand, and returning to the nearest Stand after being discharged) within and n [...]
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