Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] iv preface. foreign letters may be expected at Southampton. It also contains an alphabetical arrangement of the single, rate of letter postage for every place of importance in the worlcl, together wi [...]
Full text:[...]  GOVERNMENT DIBECTORT. 69 Names and Residences of Postmen. TOWN POSTMEN. Henry Cole..........21, South-front. John Burgess................10, North-front, Kingsland-place. Henry Burgess. ...........2 [...]
Full text:[...] 72 GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. : i 1\ Names of Mails, and of Towns for which Letter-bags are made up in Southampton, with the Time for closing the Box at the Post-office in Hammer-buildings for each Mail. [...]
Full text:[...] Union Assurance Company (continued)— department* The Directors are ready to receive Proposals for Insuring Property generally* in Great Britain and Ireland, at the following BATES: , & Common Insuran [...]
Full text:[...] NORTH BRITISH INSURANCE COMPANY (CONTINUED). LIFE ASSURANCE. The system adopted by this Corporation combines the principle of Mutual Assurance with the security of a large Capital, and the support of [...]
Full text:[...] Medical Electricity and Galvanism, continued. Galvanism as a Medical Agent is in its application adapted to the character x)f the disease; in some disorders its administration is not disagreeable, bu [...]
Full text:[...] MR. JOSEPH HILL, SURVEYOR, HOUSE & ESTATE VALUER, ARBITRATOR, & GENERAL AGENT, 10, MIDDLE EAST-STREET, PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, & ESTIMATES Made for New Buildings and Works, or for Alterations, and .wi [...]
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