Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...] iv preface. foreign letters may be expected at Southampton. It also contains an alphabetical arrangement of the single, rate of letter postage for every place of importance in the worlcl, together wi [...]
Full text:[...] 148 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Wyndham, Mrs., Hamilton-house, Hamilton-terrace Wynn,' Thomas, 4, Osborne-terrace, Bridge-road Yarndley, Charles, chronometer, watch, & clockmaker, & jeweller, 30 Oxfo [...]
Full text:[...] 68 GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. NEW FOREST REGISTRAR'S DISTRICT. Edward Coxwell, Totton—Superintendent Registrar. Robert Bassett, Millbrook—Deputy Superintendent Registrar. William Henry Pike, Totton—Regist [...]
Full text:[...] Medical Electricity and Galvanism, continued. Galvanism as a Medical Agent is in its application adapted to the character x)f the disease; in some disorders its administration is not disagreeable, bu [...]
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