Volumes in the collection: The Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official district
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Full text:[...]  alphabetical list op streets. •li Monday, William Bodle, Richard Bdleme-street. rCharlotte-place.] Hunt, Arthur Todd, Mrs. Ayles, Mrs. Brice, John Walker, William Norris, Mrs. Oakley, ^Thomas Lor [...]
Full text:[...] 12 alphabetical list op streets. % ! k' 13 Ballard, Robert 14 Smith, Larratt 15 Sells, Rev. Alfred 16 Rodney, Hon. Mrs. 17 Thompson, Mrs. Barnes, Michael W Barnes, Lady G. Cumberland-street. (St. M [...]
Full text:[...] 14 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STBEETS. I r it II ' Capon, Col. D. Nicholas, Richard Page, Henry Gayton, John Roe Kingett, John Dominey, James Sturt, James Woods, Thomas Acfield, T. J. Bartlett, Mrs. Frede [...]
Full text:[...] 1$ alphabetical list of streets. I f; fc i I \ 2 Reed, James 3 Whitlock, Charles 4 Leach, John 5 Steele, John 6 Roberts, Mrs. M. 7 Ralph, John 8 Adams, George $ Harris, George 10 Tregenza, William [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 21 X.. New-road. Clack, Misses Ford 6 Rice 17 Shorto, James 16 Dyke, Jacob 15 Munden, Robert 14 Grace, John 13 Barnes, Mrs. 10 Clark, Henry 9 Ford, Francis 10 Gannaway, [...]
Full text:[...] 24 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 3 Gooch, Henry 4 Burbidge, Silvanus 5 King, Edward Hewitt, Mrs. Maria Park-place (Lower). (Bedford-terrace.) Wilson, Frederick 1 Hayes, William 2 Collins, James 6 Ron [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 25 13 Cashman, Rev. G.G. 14 Barber, Gilbert Portland-terrace (Middle). 1 Creed, Thomas 2 Roe, William H. 2k Hardy, Thomas 3 Yelf, William 6 Carley, Miss 7 Coster, Charle [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HOUSEHOLDERS AND RESIDENTS, living within the official district of the postmaster of southampton. I !r Abbott, Richard, store-keeper, P. & 0. Company's Service, 11, Bed- ford-ter [...]
Full text:[...] r.: ALPHABETICAL LIST OF If AMES. 95 Liney, Mrs., 12, Albert-terrace, Bitteme Ling, George, grocer, Moor-green, Westend , Linnington, William, shipwright, Longcroft-street Lipscomb, William Henry, ra [...]
Full text:[...] 154 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Painter, W., Salisbury-street Peel, T. H., 12, St. John's-street Penny, G., 3, Bullar-street Penton, William, 10, Eldon-ter. Petty, John, Cross-st., Bell-st. Philpott, C., [...]
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