Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP 3JA3IES. ci White, Henry, yeoman, Langley, Fawlev g§isSsm~z White; and Undertaker> 2% Sigh-street Siver-MdS?' and White, J.smith, Hythe S whal; i®tfnter'Middle Baok °f Km- wrt'2? [...]
Full text:[...] CV111 jPBOFESSIONS ANT) TRADES. Diddams John, Cossack-st. Kingsland Dominey, George, Nelson-ter. Hill . Edney. T. 1, West-street Edwards, H. 40, Middle East street Evans, G. Hill Fitch, W. 67, Middle [...]
Full text:[...] cx PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Granger, George, 1, Grove-street Grant, John, 20, Bedford-terrace Hay den, J. T. 19, West-street Haysom, J. 25, Chandos-street Hay ward, J. 35, Bevois-street Hendy, C. 6, C [...]
Full text:[...] PBOFESSIONS AND TBADES. C2111 Wood, J. 14, Anglesea-terrace Wood, Thomas, Hill Wyner, A. 48, Chapel-road Wyatt, W. 13, Craven-street Young, C. Vincent's-walk Young, J. 30, Orchard-lane Butchers. Alle [...]
Full text:[...] CX1V PROFESSIONS AND TRAPES. Wilson, J- 3, Lower Southampton-st. Woolen, D. 16, Clifton-terrace Yelf, W. 3, Middle Portland-terrace Yeoman, J. 2, Verandah-terrace Young, J. 43, High-street Carriers. [...]
Full text:[...] w. CXV111 PBOPESSIONS AND TBADES. iiii. Dressmakers and Milliners. Anthony, Miss, 8, High-street Austin, Mrs. M. 105, High-street Bampton, Mrs. E. 38, Grove-street Barrett, Miss M. 40, Bernard-stree [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. ir Nurse, J. Regent-street Mews Osman, Isaac, 18, Hanover-buildings Parr (J.) & Son, Winchester-street Pratt (Thos.) & Son, 22, Carlton-pl. Sibley J. Spa-road Sims, G. 39, S [...]
Full text:[...] N8 ; « Roberts, A. Blechynden-street Rogers, E. A. 52, Lower East-st. Rogers, W. 25, Carlton-place Sharpe, J. 95, St. Mary's-street Sims, M. 1, Edward-street Skates, N. 3 & 4, Eldon-terrace femith, [...]
Full text:[...] cxsii PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Kg: *,.'== j niii IX I' ' K/f!QiOggai, J. (New York) Canute-road Ferran, Manuel, 12, Oxford-street Goipel, P. (Clarendon) 41 and 42, Bernard-street X Guyy.M. (Dolphin) [...]
Full text:[...] ffl PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cxxiii ; -i r i Gillard, TV. (Bevois Castle) Bevois-valley Goater, P. (Cowherds) Southampton- common Gow, P. (Victoria) Botley Grace, J. (Victory) Hamble Green, J. (Hunter [...]
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