Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. BANKS. Southampton and Hampshire Bank—25, High-street. Messrs. Atherley, Fall, and Atherley, jun. London Bankers—Sir J. Win. Lubbock and Co. Southampton Town and County Bank—172 [...]
Full text:[...] r i v.J 54 GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. BOARD OF ADMIRALTY.—MAIL PACKET DEPARTMENT. Office in Winkle Street. Admiralty Superintendent—Captain Armar Lowry Corry, R.N. Superintendent's Secretary—J. W. Ancel [...]
Full text:[...] I LAW DIRECTORY. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES. • Richard Andrews, esq.,-Mayer, 14, Above-bar. yy George Atherley, esq. 3, Upper Moira-place. Edward Horne Hulton, esq., 3, Rockstone-place. Thomas Bradby, esq., [...]
Full text:[...] HMMM AS© SOflDTOISH Law life Assurance and loan Association, London:—12, Waterloo Place. Edinburgh:—120, Prince's Street. suBsc^sssas, OWE saxsAxoxa'. t TRUSTEES. The Hon. Lord Wood, one [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. i 27 West, Johanna 28 Southwill, Henry 29 Allen, Elizabeth 31 Gandy, Alfred 32 Boyes, Joseph Wade, George Candy, Henry Musselwhite, Mrs. Honeycut, Samuel Bunday, Benjami [...]
Full text:[...] f ■J lviii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. m Lisle, John, jun. of H.M. Customs, 6, Lower Canal-walk Lisle, Lady, Millbrook-cottage, Millbrook List, G. B. esq. surgeon, Trinity-house, Upper New-road Littl [...]
Full text:[...] I iHl'iii IP lxx ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Pardey, Mrs. 1, Exmouth-place, New-road Pardey, Mrs. C. bath-proprietor, Regent-street. Above-bar (see adv. p. 34) Pardy, Charles, picture frame-maker, [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IN VILLAGES. 9 Bush, — tailor, &c. Chace, W., shipwright Chandler, Chas., shoemaker Corbin, Henry, vase-maker Crook, James, bricklayer Cuming. Henry,Guilder Damon (J.), Miss Devall, S., Shi [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IN VILLAGES. 15 Light, Rd., Railway gate, Totton Longland, J., surveyor of roads, Eling Longland, Thos., yeoman, Church-pl. Lovell, George, smith, Cadnam Lowe, Thomas, tailor, Hounsdown Low [...]
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GENTRY IN HANTS. 21 Farr, W. D. esq. Iford-house, Christ-church Featherstonhaugh, Lady, Uppark, Petersfield, Fellowes, H. esq. Hurstbourne-park, Andover-road Fenwie^Rev. T. C. Brook Rect [...]
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