Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] Davis, Thomas Smith, James Saunders, Henry Davis, Charles Duhig, John Primmer, Henry Howell, William Brown, John Moody, Mark Lanning, Edd. J. Ansteed, Richard 1 Saunders, George 2 West, [...]
Full text:[...] Stephen, blacksmith, Moorgreen, Westend Butt, Thomas, clerk, Sarisbury-green, Swanwick Butt, William, esq. Westend-cottage, Westend Butterfield, Henry, mariner, 3, Gloucester-place Buttle, John, [...]
Full text:[...] Jacob, grocer, Northam-street, Charlotte-place Heath, John, coal-dealer, Westend Heath, John William, grocer and beer-retailer, 19, Nelson-street Heathcote, J. pilot, Itchen Heathcote, Wm. [...]
Full text:[...] James, baker and confectioner, 119, High-street liloyd, Mrs. 75, Marland-place Loader, William, Artesian-well, Southampton-common Lock, Charles, esq. 15, Cranbury-place Lock, Francis, clerk, [...]
Full text:[...] Pollett, pilot, Cracknorehard, Marchwood Parker, Robert, esq. 16, Cranbury-place Parker, William, smith, 2, Clarence-terrace, Northam Parkhouse, Geo. esq. Eastfield-lodge, Bitterne Parkinson, [...]
Full text:[...] clothes-dealer, IS, Upper St. Mary s-street Roeers, Thomas, lodginghouse-keeper Bitterne Rogers, William, grocer, tea-dealer, &c. 25, Carlton place lolS wmln'e^^ya'ZeCan, 130, High-street Rolf, W. [...]
Full text:[...] Judd, Ihos., yeoman, Bargery-farm t?1^' Henry, grocer and draper, Beaulieu-street Payne, William, parish clerk Payne, William, wheelwright Pepper, Geo., Otterwood-cottage Pike, Michael, [...]
Full text:[...] 2 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE ! I i •< l Cooper, Thos., baker and grocer Cooper, Henry, Victoria-house Coote, C. H., Capt., Shales Coupland, John, esq., Glen-cottage Cutbush, Mrs. T., 5, Albert-terrace [...]
Full text:[...] W., brewer Warwick, Richard, esq., surgeon Watts, John, shoemaker Wheeler, Chas. M., merchant Williams, G., officer of Excise Woolman, John, Coopers' Arms SHIRLEY. Agger, Samuel, Dorset place Allen, [...]
Full text:[...] Dommett, Henry, basket-maker Driver, R., Winchester-road Dumper, Richard, slater Dyke, William, butcher Eldridge (S.) Mrs., Gloucester-lodge Ellyett, Thomas, Palm-terrace Everitt, Joseph, [...]
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