Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...]  .£/, A^.-<3^/ ^ / y * -'/'/ ^.' ^ g^Z^Z. MR. T. P. PAYNE, Begs respectfully to inform his Patients and the Public, that he has removed from Beck ford Terrace to © eg _» 3P@®lar,ILiAM®°lS,3EIi3L . [...]
Full text:[...] W-:' !!•; ill 'Sfei ll it l®Q8i\[L ELECTRICITY AND GALVANISM, AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT, In the cure of disease, when employed with experience and judgment, is by no means second to the systems either [...]
Full text:[...] COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, 50, TJle^eut-^St-reetj and 2, ROYAL EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, LONDON. trustees ait"0 Directors, The Duke of Rutland, K.G. The Marquis of Northampton. The Rt. Hon. Lord North wick. The H [...]
Full text:[...] ,fi I1! "• r H • ACADEMY, conducted by M R. W. SIMS, 0/ the College Royal de Louis-le-Orand, Paris. Young Gentlemen are carefully and expeditiously instructed in the various branches of learning requ [...]
Full text:[...] PATEOOTSED BY STATIONERY HEB MAJESTY'S OFFICE. H. MOEEELL'S FINE & HEHH TTFTFT HH H HB M For Drawing on "Wood. Architectural use. Engineering. Sketching. Hard and Black for Drawing. IXedium. FF Ligh [...]
Full text:[...] ■SSsi ©tEaiHITAiL SlSBliaf, PREPARED BY W. PEARCE, (LATE STEERE,) OTIiiMOT AHffi) IMKMOT* 26, ABOVE BAR, SOUTHAMPTON. The uses to which the Cement is particularly adapted are, in Mending Broken Glass [...]
Full text:[...] The Colonial Life Assurance Company, continued. Branch Offices and Agencies in the following Places:— m ENQkANlB) Andover, E. B. Hawkins, draper Bridport, F. W. Gundry, solicitor Bristol, H. A. Clark [...]
Full text:[...] The Colonial Life Assurance Company, continued. In these days of steam communication, when the passage to India is thought as little of as the journey from Edinburgh to London was at no very distant [...]
Full text:[...] Stephens' Patent Radiating Register Stove, without exception the best article ever produced. Sharp's latest-improved Gas Cooking Apparatus. W. and J. L. strongly recommend this mode of Cooking, and w [...]
Full text:[...] ESTALISHED 1685. GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERY AND CUTLERY ESTABLISHMENT, AND IRON AND BRASS FOUNDRY, aw, mimm (Opposite the Dolphin Hotel,) AND - mmw MOD MnnmmYo By Special Appointment to Her Majes [...]
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