Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF IfAMES. Ixxix Bimer, John, grocer, Chapel-road Road, William, shoemaker, Hamble Newto™ Roberts, Ann, ^e™ Bllcl^d%st^t^^°^^"^^^^ Kobertl; Colonel' ^warehouse, 9, St. MaryVstreet S [...]
Full text:[...] FIRE INSURANCE. Office established for the Insurance of all kinds of Property, IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. ROYAL FARMERS' AND A i;b iL®ia.5a & MiiMinnz ESTABLISHED 13&0. EMPOWERED BY SPECIAL ACT OF PARLIAM [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list of names. Westlake,' Erans^and C^wrn^e^h^s^hapel-wharf Westlake, Edward, merchant, Fernhill, Itchen Westlake, Miss, 19, St. Mary's-place Westlake, W^^fmSnt^'Bratiswick-place, & Chap [...]
Full text:[...] *£ f ! GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY. Nurslgg, RedbHdge,^Shi^' aW ToMon—Millbrook, Local Delivery—Shirley—1-30 p.m. ham, Swan wick, and^VeT^End—4-30 am^°*' Hamble, Itchen, Stone- ^ r°*r- "aid #s#em7#smgmm _ [...]
Full text:[...]  MUNICIPAL DIE^^RY. 65 COMMISSIONERS OF THE PIER AND HARBOUR. Tiie Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors for the time being. SPECIFIC Mr. Edw. Lomer Mr. Wm. Forder Mr. John Bennett Mr. John Maber Mr. Alf [...]
Full text:[...] a 51 I y-. w alphabetical list op names. Ixxxi Russell, Miss Charlotte, 10, Orchard-place Russell, Edward, bricklayer, 87, James-street Carlton-crescent Russell, Henry, carpenter, 2, York-street, No [...]
Full text:[...] XXX ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Eades, Mrs. lodginghouse-keeper, 2, Queen's-terrace Eames, James, Beck Farm, Beaulieu Eames, Thomas, coachman, 12, Eldon-terrace Eaney, Jane, eatinghouse, Pound-tree-l [...]
Full text:[...] Alphabetical list op names. xxxv ru Fox, Thomas, provision-merchant, ale and porter-merchant, and agent to the General Fire and Life Assurance, 132, High-street (see adv. p. 23) 43 Fox, Thomas, es [...]
Full text:[...] #1 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. n ; ! xlvil HInves, George, gentleman, 14, Manchester-street Hinves, George, architect, 6c. 22, Upper St. Mary's-street Hinves, John, builder, 21, Grove-street Hinves, [...]
Full text:[...] ffl PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cxxiii ; -i r i Gillard, TV. (Bevois Castle) Bevois-valley Goater, P. (Cowherds) Southampton- common Gow, P. (Victoria) Botley Grace, J. (Victory) Hamble Green, J. (Hunter [...]
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