Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] if 1 i Hockley, T. 37, Middle East-street Howell E. 4, Andover-pl. Orchard-la. Hurst, Mrs. 41, Lower East-street Ireland, H. 44, Bevois-street Jannaway Mrs. Upper St. Mary's-st. Kearsley, J. 25, Bedf [...]
Full text:[...] b II 1 3 Blown, Richard V. 6, Strand Ware, J. 5, Strand Blacking Maker. Gregory, George, 11, Compton-walk Block and Mast Makers. Fay, J. W. 90, High-street Mist, G. 29, Orchard-lane Molland, William [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Sims, Sarah, St. Mary's-street f Slater, Mrs.Upper Back-of-the-'Walls | Stickland, T. 17, Orchard-lane ^ Warren, C. 7, Upper Canal-walk 1 Welsh, F. Chapel-road - Wolferstan, T [...]
Full text:[...] CX1V PROFESSIONS AND TRAPES. Wilson, J- 3, Lower Southampton-st. Woolen, D. 16, Clifton-terrace Yelf, W. 3, Middle Portland-terrace Yeoman, J. 2, Verandah-terrace Young, J. 43, High-street Carriers. [...]
Full text:[...] N8 ; « Roberts, A. Blechynden-street Rogers, E. A. 52, Lower East-st. Rogers, W. 25, Carlton-place Sharpe, J. 95, St. Mary's-street Sims, M. 1, Edward-street Skates, N. 3 & 4, Eldon-terrace femith, [...]
Full text:[...] cxsii PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Kg: *,.'== j niii IX I' ' K/f!QiOggai, J. (New York) Canute-road Ferran, Manuel, 12, Oxford-street Goipel, P. (Clarendon) 41 and 42, Bernard-street X Guyy.M. (Dolphin) [...]
Full text:[...] CXXV1 PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. Crabb, Rev. J. Hill-lane Crofts, Rev.J.(Wes.)3,Clarendon-ter. Gayton, Rev. J. R. Hill Goldman, J. A. (Reader at the Synagogue) 7, Eldon-terrace Harris, Rev. W. (Catholic [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cxxviii Sherrin, J. C 21, Orchard-lane Shettle, T. 65, Middle East-street Shettle, S. 28, Bridge-street Smith, Isaiah, 9, Bridge-street Simpson, H. 12, Upper Canal-walk Terry [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IN VILLAGES. 9 Bush, — tailor, &c. Chace, W., shipwright Chandler, Chas., shoemaker Corbin, Henry, vase-maker Crook, James, bricklayer Cuming. Henry,Guilder Damon (J.), Miss Devall, S., Shi [...]
Full text:[...] 12 alphabetical list of the ill: r ; I Witt, Mrs., 6, Sussex-place Woodin(W.H.)Lieut. R.N., Hose-cot Woodward, Henry, Providence-place Wren, J., gardener Wright, James, gent., Walton-house Wright, J. [...]
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