Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] Assembly Rooms 10 Moberly,W. 10 Fox, Thos. 9 Saintsbury, G., esq 7 Young, Mrs. R. 7 Frome, Miss 5 Steed, Geo., M.D. 4 Fitzgerald, Rev. S. 1 Bromley, Chas. 11 Leigh, Fred., [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. 19 11 Complin, Herbert 12 Boden, John 12 Warren, Chas. 13 Herbert, Henry 14 Page, Edwin 18 Ward, Wm. 20 Mitchell, Thos. 22 Ellis, John St. Mary's-place. Young, Mrs. 1 Bo [...]
Full text:[...] 20 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF 8TBBATS. A' fa: 16 M'Queen, J. & J. 15 Mair, M. 14 Sutton, (S.) Miss 14 Stephens, Ralph 13 Hatherill, Mrs. 13 Thompson, Jas. 12 Good, Geo. 11 Furlonger, J. 10 Brown, Jas. 2 W [...]
Full text:[...]  \ A LIST OF VILLAGES, arranged according to the post-office deliveries, with the names of householders and residents # in alphabetical order. fcEAULIEU. Adams, E. esq. Bucklershard Alderton, P. C. c [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IK VILLAGES. 31 Osman, John, grocer „ Penny, John, master mariner Purkis, A. wharfinger Rangcroft, John, gardener, Wimpson Beeves, J as. blacksmith Ridges, Vincent, wheelwright Rogers, John [...]
Full text:[...] RESIDENTS IN VILLAGES. 33 Pyke, Wm. 3, Gloucester-place Quick, Chas. Woodville-house Randall, E. M. esq. Anglesea-house Ransom, Wm. hairdresser Headman, — relieving-officer Rice, John, esq. Shirley-p [...]
Full text:[...] w MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. SOUTHAMPTON. Marine Superintendent—Captain R. Barton, R.N. Storekeeper and Cashier—Mr. John T. Duffell. Superintendent Engineer—Mr. George Mills. Ship's Husband—Mr. Georg [...]
Full text:[...] By this arrangement the greatest facility is afforded for the early delivery of their letters from the window. Post-office Money Orders. Money Orders are granted and paid at the office in [...]
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