Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] lxviii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Mecey, Wm. baker, Bartley, Totton Mee, Joseph, ship-agent, Redbridge Mehian, Com. P. and 0. S. P. Co. 1, Osborne-terrace Mellows, John, writing clerk, 3, Westgate-s [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. C1X Bowditch, F. 1, Trafalgar-place Bromley, C. 15, Bevois- street Bryer, C. Northam-road Bryer, W. 109, High-street Bull, G. 6, Grove-street Burt, G. 5, St. Mary's street Cai [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. Cranbury-terrace. Dilly, M. esq. 1 Wilson, Rev. W. D.D. 2 Driffield, Lieut. R.N. 3 Thompson, Mrs. 4 Johnston, Mrs. 5 Fendall, Mrs. 6 Farquharson, Mrs. 7 Bowyer,CaptW.B. [...]
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