Volumes in the collection: The Post-Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood comprised in the Postmaster's official District
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Full text:[...] of £1 J Is. 6d. PILOTAGE.—PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON. SUB-COMMISSIONERS OF PILOTAGE. Samuel Price Edwards, esq. David Corke. FIRST-CLASS PILOTS. Richard Bowen, H amble John Faulkner, 1, Vyse-lane James [...]
Full text:[...] Giffard, 5, Carlton-crescent. The Rev. William Wilson, D.D., No. 1, Cranbury-terrace. The Rev. Edward Home, Cliff-lodge, Hill. The Rev. Jas. W. Carey, Lewes, Sussex. The Rev. Thos. Adkins, 3, Lower [...]
Full text:[...] Oke, esq. George Steed, esq., M.D. 'ox, esq. commissioners appointed to supply vacancies. Edward Lomer, esq. I Peter Dickson, esq. Captain Ward, R. N. | Colonel Henderson, esq. William James Le [...]
Full text:[...] S. Fowler, Esq. Joseph Bullar, Esq. G. B. List, Esq. J. R. Ware, Esq. W. Bullar, Esq. Auditor—Edward Thompson, Esq. House Surgeon—Mr. Clark. Matron—Mrs. Morrice. The object of this Institution is [...]
Full text:[...] VQRt&StOKRi FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1824. For Insurance against Fire, and on Lives and Survivorships, Endowments for Children, and fob thb PURCHASE AND SALE OF REVERSIONS AND ANN [...]
Full text:[...] B- I §©©TF88W LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Incorporated by Act of Parliament. The number of Policies issued during the year ending 1st of March, 1848, was 565. Sum thereby Assured, <£342,470. Total Sum As [...]
Full text:[...] t .5 Four-fifths, or 80 per cent , of the Profits of Life Insurance divided amongst the participating Policy-holders of the ROYAL FARMERS' and GENERAL FIBE, LIFE, and ttatt, INSURANCE INSTITUTION. Of [...]
Full text:[...] Pearkes Barclay, esq. Edmund Sexten P. Calvert, esq. J. C. Cattley, esq. Alex. Colvin, esq. q. Edward Maxwell Dan iell, esq. N "William Davidson, esq. John Deacon, esq. Biversdale Wm. Greenfell, esq. [...]
Full text:[...] PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, 50, Tfteqeiit Stzeet, <$ 12, ROYAL EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, LONDON. Established 1806. ■ " ftsmmiri® Annual Income, £140,000. Bonuses declared, £743,000. Claims paid since the establ [...]
Full text:[...]  BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, 1, Prihces Street Bank, London. Empowered by Special Ad of Parliament, IV. Vict. cap. 9. CAPITA!., ONE MX&1XOV. directors. William Bardgett, Esq. Wm, Fechney Bla [...]
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