Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...]  30 responsible form «®?a» ™Ul placed on board o t tbe ship.', tackle ; and decUne taiake on board their vessels-Gun-J^wder, vitri6t aqua fortis^r any otter article of a dangerous nature. ROYAL MAIL [...]
Full text:[...]  38 PENiNB 6#X»TAt wr, ttiwtAKft. r. 1: & proceeding after engaging passage, to forfeit the deposit of hadf the amoiint of passage money. . .. : \ -- '^ ^ / ; Passengers are not allowed to take any e [...]
Full text:[...] W,t" 38 PENINSfnOABt oiHaiVA^ BfAV.
Full text:[...] SOUTH-WESTHEB" BAILWAY, KLECTBIC T1LEGBAPH. 38 o'clock down Train from Nine Elms. Flies, &c., from every Tram to Alresfoid. Hired conveyances and post-horses may be obtained at all WoHng—There are no [...]
Full text:[...] exlvi PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. IP. r Nail Maker. Stevenson, Wm. Cadnam New''s Agents. Bailey, Sarah, Canal-walk Barnes, Thos. Bridge-street Bonney, A. 12, Upper East-street Dyett, G. 36, St. Mary's-st [...]
Full text:[...]  QXXXY1U PROFESSIONS iAND TEAMA f a King, Long, and Co. 81, High-street Nixey, E. I, Orchard-terrace Commission, Mercantile, and General Agents, Bennett, John, 9}, High-street Brooks, C 8, Above-ba [...]
Full text:[...] CXXX11 PBOFtSSIOKS AND TBADES. ( Storror, Wm. 58 and 59, French-st. Tucker, John T. 32, Above-bar Weston, J. R. 37, High-street Williams, E. 30, Bugle-street, ant 170, High-street Bakers (Bread and B [...]
Full text:[...] cxxvui ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 21 Lunn, Mrs. 20 Holloway, W. H. 19 Graham, John 18 Dempster, Geo. 17 Brown, Geo. 17 Ferrari, Signor Arnold, J as. 13 Clear, Chas. 12 Budden, E. 11 Emery, Mrs. 10 [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. CXXV 5 Brown, Mary 6 Cros^, Wm. 7 Goffe, John 8 Jackfcon, Thomas 8 Degee and Nutley 9 Heydett, Henry 11 Springett, John 12 Draper, John 13 Martin, John W. 16 Goodman, Ge [...]
Full text:[...] : &bdv ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STBEETS. 2 Dominy, John 3 Pole, Fred. 4 Exall, James 5 Brady, George Moira-jplace (Lower.) 1 Poynder, Rev. W. 2 James, Mrs. 5 Waring, Misses 6 Goldsmith, Geo. 7 Groombridg [...]
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