Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] B'STABLt8'HEO. A. B. C'fT©. fk. (late sheldon), g § ds9 mwm&mmm, IRONMONGER, Soppewmitft, l&zapeiy 3iu, 3zou, and .Sine TPfate Wotkez, GAS-FITTER, BELL-HANGER, LOCK AND WHITESMITH, Manufacturer of S [...]
Full text:[...] SE3 PREPARING CANDIDATES FOR THE OFFICE OF DEACON IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, At Shirley, near Southampton. The Rev. Herbert Smith, having given much attention to the state of the Poor and Labouring Cl [...]
Full text:[...] PUBLICATIONS OF THE REV. HERBERT SMITH. I I i ■ A SERMON ON ALMSGIVING, ! Preached at the Priory Church, Christchurch, Hants, July 12th, 1846. Printed and sold by Wm. Tucker & Co., Christchurch; sold [...]
Full text:[...]  y." PUBLICATIONS OF THE REVi HERBERT SMITH. A SERMON ON ALMSGIVING, Preached at the Pbioby Chubch, Chbistchubch, Hants, July 12th, 1846. Printed and sold by Wm. Tucker & Co., Christchurch; sold also [...]
Full text:[...] r:?.. fit King's Russian Embrocation for Chilblains. This Embrocation has long been held in very deserved estimation for its-great tefficacy in preventing and Removing those tonbenting wintry rfeitaa [...]
Full text:[...] W- \l k. asmiea Aim mwwm Lav Life Assurance and Loan Association, " 12, Waterloo-place, London, <& 119, Princes-gtreet, Edinburgh. Established in 1839.—Subscribed Capital, One Million. TRUSTEES. The [...]
Full text:[...] Cat&oltr, %ab,& General litt durante! Companp, INCORPORATED UNDER THE 7 $ 8 VICT. CAP. 110. One Million, in 50,000 Scares, of £20 each. No. 8, NEW COVENTRY STREET, LEICESTER SQUARE LONDON. Trustees. [...]
Full text:[...] Royal Farmers' and General Fire, Life, and Hail Insurance Institution. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament. Capital) <£500,000. OFFICES, STSAITB, IONDOV. Mrsctore. Chairman.—JOSEPH ROGERSON, Esq. [...]
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