Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] MEDICAL, LEGAL, AMD GENERAL mnm mm SOCIETY, No. 126, STRAND, LONDON. trustees. James Copland, M.D., F.R.S. Yere Fane, Esq. J. B. Parry, Esq., Q.C. John Romilly, Esq., Q.C., M.P. James Russell, Esq., [...]
Full text:[...] r:?.. fit King's Russian Embrocation for Chilblains. This Embrocation has long been held in very deserved estimation for its-great tefficacy in preventing and Removing those tonbenting wintry rfeitaa [...]
Full text:[...] B'STABLt8'HEO. A. B. C'fT©. fk. (late sheldon), g § ds9 mwm&mmm, IRONMONGER, Soppewmitft, l&zapeiy 3iu, 3zou, and .Sine TPfate Wotkez, GAS-FITTER, BELL-HANGER, LOCK AND WHITESMITH, Manufacturer of S [...]
Full text:[...] J. Taylor Bore and Co., 123 db 124, High-street (continued). RIBBONS.—Their plain stock, both coloured and black, is of superior quality Their figured and fancy stock (French and English) is such as [...]
Full text:[...] w8ps»sa*t, pammnmar, nwranjiioir, etc. SOUTHAMPTON DISPENSARY. 146, High Street. Secretary—Mr. E. M. Randall. 59 COUNTY OF HANTS FEMALE PENITENTIARY North-front, Kingsland-place. Established 1823. Pa [...]
Full text:[...]  38 PENiNB 6#X»TAt wr, ttiwtAKft. r. 1: & proceeding after engaging passage, to forfeit the deposit of hadf the amoiint of passage money. . .. : \ -- '^ ^ / ; Passengers are not allowed to take any e [...]
Full text:[...] W,t" 38 PENINSfnOABt oiHaiVA^ BfAV.
Full text:[...] NOBILITY AND GENTBY IN HANTS. 13 Wbe&ble, Thos. esq. Mitchelmarsh, Romsey Wfaefttyear, Benj. esq. Burton-cottage, Christchurch Whitly, Mrs. Newlands, Lymington Whitchurch, J. esq. Sway-house, Lymingt [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cii H arris, Robt. 4, Bernard-street Hutifc7 Henry, 6, Albion-place Ivimey, Chas. 19, Upper East-street Ivimey, Jas 33, Bernard-street Jarvis, Josiah, 13, Union-terrace Jollif [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AKB TRADES, cxbrii Physicians. Biillat-j Joseph, 2, Prospect-place Bullar, William, 2, Prospect-place Clark; Henry, 73, Marland-place Norton, J. H. Shirley Oke, W. S. Rockstone-terrace Sh [...]
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