Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...]  REMOVALS, ERRORS, ETC., DURING THE PROGRESS OP THE WORK. •; * In the Alphabetical List of Householders the names of Messrs. Dalglish&Bleay mire, , Shipping Agents, No. 65, High-street; Capt Lacy, of [...]
Full text:[...]  alphabetical list op names. v Allen (J.) and Son, timber merchants, Orchard-place Allen, Richard, cook, 8, Anglesearterrace Allum (Sarah) Mrs. straw bonnet maker, 5, Cooksey's-terrace Allvey, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST (UMfAMES. xiii Bienvenu, Nicholas, merchant, 36, French-street Biggs, John, yeoman, Westend Biggs, Wm. yeoman, Wildern, Botley Biles, David, beer retailer, 43, Bevois-street Biles, [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAVES. XXI Carter, Sam. beer seller, Shirley Carter, Stephen, grocer, Portswood Carter, Wm. mariner, 46, French-street Cass (Elizabeth) Mrs. Latimer-house, Bridge-road Castle, Jo [...]
Full text:[...] XXII * ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. I''- Channell and Ridges, grocers, teadealers, and fruit importers, 24, High-street (see adv. p. 96) Channell, Jas. merchant, 3, Gothic-cottages, Shirley Channell, [...]
Full text:[...] m- XXVI ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Cooper, Edw. Commander of P. and 0. S. P. Pottinger, 2, Fan-shawe-street Cooper, Ed. Barfoot, shopkeeper, Church-street, Botley Cooper, Francis, surgeon, 12, Glou [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. XXV11 Coulthard, Win. yeoman, Exbury Coupland, Hen. working goldsmith and jeweller, 13, Lansdowne-hill Coupland, John, printer, 28, High-street, Hampshire Advertiser Offic [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST 0* NAMES. Dawkins, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 2, Oriental-terrace Dawkins, Thomas, yeoman, Thorn's Farm, Beaulieu-manor Dawkins, Thos. smith, Hounsdown Dawkins, Timothy, carpenter, [...]
Full text:[...] XXXIV ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES, Eastmont (Jane) Mrs. Bittern Manor-house Easty, Hen. Sampson, stock and share-broker, 2, High-street Eaton, Harriet, 9, St. Mary's-place Ede, Mrs. Fitzroy-house Ede [...]
Full text:[...] XXXY1U AUPHABEIIOAL LIST Of NAMBS. Forbes (Andrew,) and Knibb (Thomas,) booksellers and stationers to Her Majesty, printers, bookbinders, and publishers, Stamps-office, 143, High-street (see adv. pla [...]
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