Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] ´╗┐ALPHABETICAL LIST 01 NAMES. lxvii Meaden, Jas. collector of taxes, Millbrook Meallen, Jas. accountant and schoolmaster, 9, Westgate-street Mears, Mrs. 1, Anglesea-place Mears, Mrs. Crab-tree-green, D [...]
Full text:[...] ´╗┐CXXX11 PBOFtSSIOKS AND TBADES. ( Storror, Wm. 58 and 59, French-st. Tucker, John T. 32, Above-bar Weston, J. R. 37, High-street Williams, E. 30, Bugle-street, ant 170, High-street Bakers (Bread and B [...]
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