Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] MAX^#D^*^#p##OfmOERS. , „,,OBSERVATION 8 ^ , v l ' V/vj -I • j. t. ) ; , on rl/v THE CURE OF ULCERS OF THE LEG AND •: v .1 ' ' OTHER PARTS, . BY A NEW , METHOD: QE TREATMENT, illustrated [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON i« mm m'TABLlSlIET) 1837—38. *% ANaGEMENt. Chairman—-Mr. J. R. Stebbing. Treasurers-Mr. G. Evans. Secretary—Mr. 0. Bali. HONORARY MEMBERS OF BRIGADE. Superintendent—Mr. Charles Purkis. As [...]
Full text:[...]  NEW SOUTH-WESTEM STEAM NAVIGATION COMPA1VY. SPLENDID POWERFUL, & FAVOURITE STEAM SHIPS leave for HAVRE-DE-GRACE, Every day during the Hummer Months, and Fov/r times a week from the 1 st of November [...]
Full text:[...] R. ANDREWS' COACH AND CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY, Above Bar, Southampton (continued). B. A. has also constantly entrusted to him an extensive VARIETY OF SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES, suited to every class op purc [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTH HANTS INFIRMARY, Patron—The Lord Bishop of Winchester. Vice-Patrons—The Duke of Buccleuch, the Marquis of Conyngham, and the Viscount Palmerston. President—Charles Hilgrove Hammond, Esq. vice-p [...]
Full text:[...] J. TjLYLOR Dors and Co., 123 124, High-street (continued). HABERDASHERY DEPARTMENT.—In this department will be found every ! irticle of the best and most approved manufacture. They invite the especia [...]
Full text:[...] J. Taylor Bore and Co., 123 db 124, High-street (continued). RIBBONS.—Their plain stock, both coloured and black, is of superior quality Their figured and fancy stock (French and English) is such as [...]
Full text:[...] BRITANNIA AND CRANE WHARFS, E. PRITCHARD'S mmm sniiw & ilqsqs GYPSUM MILLS, Filter of Paris & Whiting Manufactory, Sum®, &©„ Long experience has firmly and incontrovertibly established the reputation [...]
Full text:[...] SCOTTISH ONION FIRE AND IIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (CONTINUED,) . 3lffe department. The Directors request the attention of parties purposing to effect Life Insurances to the advantages offered by this Co [...]
Full text:[...] J? SCOTTISH UNION FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Instituted 1834, and Incorporated by Royal Charter, LONDON OFFICES, 37, CORNHILL. Governor—His Grace the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. Deputy-Governor [...]
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