Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...]  38 PENiNB 6#X»TAt wr, ttiwtAKft. r. 1: & proceeding after engaging passage, to forfeit the deposit of hadf the amoiint of passage money. . .. : \ -- '^ ^ / ; Passengers are not allowed to take any e [...]
Full text:[...]  30 responsible form «®?a» ™Ul placed on board o t tbe ship.', tackle ; and decUne taiake on board their vessels-Gun-J^wder, vitri6t aqua fortis^r any otter article of a dangerous nature. ROYAL MAIL [...]
Full text:[...]  by Mr. Duffell, Com^ny'g 04W | 6#d parcels and packages by Mr. George Dunlop, the Company'i Shlppiiig Agent, ^ 2", Winkle-street, and at the Docks. ! • No berth is considered engaged until the whole [...]
Full text:[...]  by Mr. Duffell, Compmny's OBce, ^&kle^Stf*#, ^ ajbd parcels and packages by Mr. George Dunlop, the Company's Shipping Agentj ^o. 2, Winkle-street, and at the Docks. No berth is considered engaged [...]
Full text:[...] 2IEBT Aft& HABBOUR. 47 COMMISSIONERS OF THE PIER AND HARBOUR, y0R IMPROVING THE PORT OF THB TOWN OP SOUTHAMPTON. "" The Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors for the time being. f ' 8PBOIFIC COMMISSIONERS [...]
Full text:[...] MR: # PIXB AND HABBOITB; Spices, tea, and raw silk, 6d. per cwt Groceries, from Id. to 2d. per cwt. Provisions in general, 2d. per cwt. Timber, Is. per load of 50 cubic ft. Cattle, mules, and asses, [...]
Full text:[...] bates and fares or watmmcbn, porters, etc. 49 FBRRY BOATS. Few boats to or from Hythe—one person, Is.; two persons, 6d. each; Ihree persons, 4d. each; four or more persons, 3d. each. Ditto, to or fro [...]
Full text:[...] # I i- PIXOTAOB. Pier, to or from any of the above-mentioned places, one-third more to be added to the foregoing rates. •••-'»;. Places at the same distance, or within the distances above-mentione [...]
Full text:[...] HAOKXBY OOACH AMD GAB FARES. 61 Regulations for the hire and fares of hack- rbgu- net coaches, cabs, &o. The following are the Southampton bye-laws for the regulation of hack-ney coaches, cabs, &c. P [...]
Full text:[...] m HACKNEY COACH ABD CAB KEOCliATIOIfB. Computation of Distances.—That the distances shall be computed the stand or place whence the carriage shall be engaged or hired ; bu% ia case the carriage shall [...]
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