Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...]  COUNTY 50, Tftejewt Stzeet, «£owdoti ^tusttea snB JBhrectors. 5 The Duke of Rutland, K.G, The Marquis of Northampton. The lit. Hon. Lord Northwick. Sir John Osborn, Bart. Sir W. Earle Welby, Bart. S [...]
Full text:[...] York Terrace, Regent's Park. Thomas Eyre, Esq., 62, Pulteney Street, Bath. Directors- Right Rev. William Morrts, D.D., Acton, Middlesex. c- t» " ^DWARD Petre, 26, Wilton Crescent. ™.C®A1*D Jenkins, [...]
Full text:[...] XXII * ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. I''- Channell and Ridges, grocers, teadealers, and fruit importers, 24, High-street (see adv. p. 96) Channell, Jas. merchant, 3, Gothic-cottages, Shirley Channell, [...]
Full text:[...] lxii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Lock, Jas. Hen. beer retailer, Cross Guns, Castle-lane Lock, Rebecca, brewer and beer retailer, Bevois-street Brewery* Bevois-street Lock, Rich, brewer and beer retai [...]
Full text:[...] KOBIUTT AND GENTRY IN HANfS. a Krtoli, Dowager,. Countess qf, Ports, 1 Fowler; John, esq., Ningwood-hOusS, t vniltinrst Yarmouth . • Hon. Thos., Little-greeh, Frederick, General, Shawford-house, Ppte [...]
Full text:[...] building the chapels and lodge, and making the necessary roads, amounted to about £ 7000. Mr. William Henry Rogers, of Shirley, designed the planting of the ground—Mr. John Foot, of'this town, built [...]
Full text:[...] Job a 2 Leach, Joseph 3 Hayter, Thos. 5 Young, Wm. Mount-street (OrcharcUlane.) 24 Smith, William 25 Simpson, Sqm. 30 Henning, Win. 32 Morey, Cornelius Ndson-street (Chapel,) 13 M'Cawl, J. 15 [...]
Full text:[...] Hon. & Rev. Samuel, Abbot's Ann Rectory, Andover Best, Rev. Thos., Red Rice-house, Andover Betts, Williamesq., Bevois-mount, Southampton Biden, — esq., Bury-cottage, Gosport Billett, John, esq., [...]
Full text:[...] Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland* Mr. Sergeant Mereweather. George Chilton, Esq., Q.C. William Dugmore, Esq. H. J. Robertson, Esq., Sheriff of Ren. I frewshire. Anthony Murray, Esq., of Crieff, [...]
Full text:[...] PEOfESSIOHS AITD TEADBS. CXXXlX Colborne, Win. 20, Orchard-lane Cpleman, Robert, Winchester-street •Cozens, Arthur, 30, Chapel-road Cudlip, John, NewtoWn, Woolston Curtis, James, Weighbridge Dean, Mr [...]
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