Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] It'; : w. SHARLAND, at® 33, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, (Adjoining the Dolphin Hotel.) LETTER-PRESS AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTING. Drawing materials. - ----- - - h- TRAVELLING WRITING CASES. BibUs' P^yer [...]
Full text:[...] If-' LETTER COPYING MACHINES. <& DUMB 9 Stationer? anb Account 3)oo& iplanufacturcrg, 143, HIGH STREET, ■ '. c- SOLE AGENTS IN SOUTHAMPTON. la pnce, simplicity of construction, ease and accuracy [...]
Full text:[...] /■ POST-OFFICE DIRECTORY. & SOUTHAMPTON POST-OFFICE. The official district of the Postmaster of Southampton comprehends the town of Southampton, and a circle round it, the radius of which is akout [...]
Full text:[...] xxiv ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Y-% % Coffin (Henry Edw.) Captain R.N. Bartley Colborne, Wm. leather seller, 9, Cooksey's-terrace Colborne, Wm. cowkeeper, 20, Orchard-lane Colby, Major General, 7, [...]
Full text:[...] PUBLICATIONS OF THE REV. HERBERT SMITH. I I i ■ A SERMON ON ALMSGIVING, ! Preached at the Priory Church, Christchurch, Hants, July 12th, 1846. Printed and sold by Wm. Tucker & Co., Christchurch; sold [...]
Full text:[...] CBMBIBBY. 68 Private open grave in perpetuity, 9 ft. deep, for three coffins, with the right of placing head and foot stones .. .. Inteiment fee (including fees to minister, sexton, and clerk) for ^e [...]
Full text:[...] B'STABLt8'HEO. A. B. C'fT©. fk. (late sheldon), g § ds9 mwm&mmm, IRONMONGER, Soppewmitft, l&zapeiy 3iu, 3zou, and .Sine TPfate Wotkez, GAS-FITTER, BELL-HANGER, LOCK AND WHITESMITH, Manufacturer of S [...]
Full text:[...] Jfriii AI^HABETICAL LI8T OF IfAKSET* 4) Bull, George, baker, 6, Grove-Street Bull, Jas. yeoman, Winsor Farm, Winsor, near Totton Bull, John, jun. coal merchant, Totton - 2 Bull, John, timber merchan [...]
Full text:[...]  38 PENiNB 6#X»TAt wr, ttiwtAKft. r. 1: & proceeding after engaging passage, to forfeit the deposit of hadf the amoiint of passage money. . .. : \ -- '^ ^ / ; Passengers are not allowed to take any e [...]
Full text:[...] BOirtTSBS VPOV FOMCXE8 BECOME CLAIMS. Life insured. Sum insured. Sum paid. John Wharton, Esq., Skelton Castle Sir John Saunders Sebright, Bart. Sir William Wake, Bart. Earl Strathmore Rev. H. W. Cham [...]
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