Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] jeSTABLI8HE$> CHURCHES; ESTABLISHED CHURCHES IN SOUTHAMPTON AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. SOUTHAMPTON, AU Saints, High-street. Rector, Rev. C. S. Fanshawe. Clerk, Thomas Andrews. God's House, Winkle-street [...]
Full text:[...] m £S¥ABLI«&E1> CHURCHES. NORTH STONEHAM. Hector, Key* Fred. Beadon. Clerk, John Gardner. NURSLING. Rector, Rev. John Ltikin. Clerk, George Ford. PEAR TREE GREEN. Perpetual Curate, Rev. Philip P. Robi [...]
Full text:[...] COAL METERS, FIRE AND UPE ASSURANCE AGENTS. m primitive Methodist Chapel, St* Mary's-street. Minister, Rev. Robt. Hartley. Society of Friends' Chapel, Castle-square. Elders, Joseph Evans and Joseph C [...]
Full text:[...] €8 FIBB AND LIFE ASSURANCE AGENTS. Crown, Life.................... W. Lomer, 5, High-street Dissenters* and General, Fire & Life Thomas Fox, 132, High-street Eagle, Life .................... Charles [...]
Full text:[...] 72 F1BJ3 DEPARTMENT. k.. SOUTHAMPTON HONORARY FIRE BRIGADE. The Southampton Honorary Fire Brigade was established in the"je 1837, and has for its object the protection of the lives and properties of [...]
Full text:[...] iall ■ ■ m s- 60, teet, ooutfiamptou. T. BULLOCK & Co., manufacturers and importers of tobacco, Tf ' cigars, and snuff. The only Manufacturers of Latekari and other Fancy Tobaccos, 'which are so trul [...]
Full text:[...]  I' QRiAT BR87AIIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 14, Waterloo Place, & 79, king William St., City, London. directors. The Chisholm, Chairman. William Morley, esq., Deputy Chairman. Henry Stroud Barb [...]
Full text:[...] MUTUAL INSURANCE, WITH AN ANNUAL DIVISION OF THE PROFITS. iv HAi\Mi\-HAlVD FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY, 1, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, [L@!Rflls)®IF!fl3 Instituted in 1696.—Extended to Life I [...]
Full text:[...] , hand-in-hand insurance society (continued)* That the profits are divided annually amongst all Members of five years' standing, and applied towards reducing Life Insurance to the lowest possible rat [...]
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