Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...]  tmjsmm & m O0 TIMBER I CORN MERCHANTS, BALTIC AND AMERICAN TIMBER AND DEAL YARD, kaiivs mimm, swssmMKM. W. H. BROWN, mux & ggfow, 2, ABOVE BAR STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, In respectfully soliciting the pa [...]
Full text:[...] , hand-in-hand insurance society (continued)* That the profits are divided annually amongst all Members of five years' standing, and applied towards reducing Life Insurance to the lowest possible rat [...]
Full text:[...] I- FOR BILE. INDIGESTION, AND DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH AND LIVER. Dr. A. A. Harvey, late of Bath, formerly Surgeon of the East India Company's Service, recommends to the Public his Family Pills. The [...]
Full text:[...]  I' QRiAT BR87AIIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 14, Waterloo Place, & 79, king William St., City, London. directors. The Chisholm, Chairman. William Morley, esq., Deputy Chairman. Henry Stroud Barb [...]
Full text:[...] AT E. CLABK'S ORIGINAL BERLIN AND FANCY NEEDLEWORK m KT®. mzcrn southampton, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GOODS, Imported direct from the first houses in Berlin. THOMAS FOX, Importer and Dealer in Provision [...]
Full text:[...] C4 CEMETERY REGULATIONS. £ «. d. 0 JO 6 10 10 0 Planting grave with flowers, per annum ' . i Turfing grave in perpetuity with flowers Maintaining tombs, monuments, vaults, stones, and re-painting ins [...]
Full text:[...] yAQttfBT COACH AXD GAB BTASDS, XAOft _xhat every person calling or sending for any carriage and not farther Serine the same, shall pay as followsFor a carriage with two horses, Schilling; for » carna [...]
Full text:[...] m HACKNEY COACH ABD CAB KEOCliATIOIfB. Computation of Distances.—That the distances shall be computed the stand or place whence the carriage shall be engaged or hired ; bu% ia case the carriage shall [...]
Full text:[...] # I i- PIXOTAOB. Pier, to or from any of the above-mentioned places, one-third more to be added to the foregoing rates. •••-'»;. Places at the same distance, or within the distances above-mentione [...]
Full text:[...] bates and fares or watmmcbn, porters, etc. 49 FBRRY BOATS. Few boats to or from Hythe—one person, Is.; two persons, 6d. each; Ihree persons, 4d. each; four or more persons, 3d. each. Ditto, to or fro [...]
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