Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] GOAGK & MAN (J) PA©T©RY JbSove T3at; tfoutHavujotou. D RICHARD ANDREWS, I*;-- BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, S&eb ofeaty, $o. &b. ^fibtnce anc/ > tAe date S&ude *Sfa
Full text:[...] J. TjLYLOR Dors and Co., 123 124, High-street (continued). HABERDASHERY DEPARTMENT.—In this department will be found every ! irticle of the best and most approved manufacture. They invite the especia [...]
Full text:[...] J. Taylor Bore and Co., 123 db 124, High-street (continued). RIBBONS.—Their plain stock, both coloured and black, is of superior quality Their figured and fancy stock (French and English) is such as [...]
Full text:[...] SCOTTISH ONION FIRE AND IIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (CONTINUED,) . 3lffe department. The Directors request the attention of parties purposing to effect Life Insurances to the advantages offered by this Co [...]
Full text:[...] MATCHAM'S COACHING ESTABLISHMENT. 4 RAILWAY RECEIVING HOUSE, and INFORMATION* OFFICE, 11, ABOVE BAR STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. passengers and parcels regularly booked and forwarded, via railway and coach, [...]
Full text:[...]  ISLE OF WIGHT & SOUTH OP ENGLAND ADVERTISER, WEEKLY FAMILY NEWSPAPER, pwmsiKigp swrnmr Price Sixpence. This well-established Journal has been recently enlarged to the greatest extent permitted by [...]
Full text:[...] I- FOR BILE. INDIGESTION, AND DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH AND LIVER. Dr. A. A. Harvey, late of Bath, formerly Surgeon of the East India Company's Service, recommends to the Public his Family Pills. The [...]
Full text:[...]  I' QRiAT BR87AIIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 14, Waterloo Place, & 79, king William St., City, London. directors. The Chisholm, Chairman. William Morley, esq., Deputy Chairman. Henry Stroud Barb [...]
Full text:[...] €8 FIBB AND LIFE ASSURANCE AGENTS. Crown, Life.................... W. Lomer, 5, High-street Dissenters* and General, Fire & Life Thomas Fox, 132, High-street Eagle, Life .................... Charles [...]
Full text:[...] COAL METERS, FIRE AND UPE ASSURANCE AGENTS. m primitive Methodist Chapel, St* Mary's-street. Minister, Rev. Robt. Hartley. Society of Friends' Chapel, Castle-square. Elders, Joseph Evans and Joseph C [...]
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