Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] LIST OF NAMES. R Munday, John, jun. land steward, Cadland Farm, Fawley Munday, Samuel, teadealer, and grocer, 1, [...]
Full text:[...] Bittern Newton, Richard, tailor, 13, Edward-street Nichols, George, 23, Brunswick-square Nicholas, John, brickmaker, Langley, near Fawley Nicholas, Rich. esq. 3, Belmont-cottages, Shirley Nichols, Chas. [...]
Full text:[...] De Maistre, A. S. 10, Bernard-street Doswell, George, 35, Bernard-street Dos well, John D. & R. 5, Albion-pi. Giles,.Alfred, 3» Rockstone-terrace Higginbottom & Jackson, 10, [...]
Full text:[...]  rom THE TIMES of I.e.- Friday, December 3, 1847. Price 5d. Travellers Between England and the S?*™ENT'—La Presse says: —" In 1841 90,300 travellers crossed the Channel from England to France, or vic [...]
Full text:[...] ADMIRALTY.—MAIL PACKET DEPARTMENT. Offices in Winkle Street. Admiralty Superintendent—Captain Sir John Gordon Sinclair, bart., R.N. Superintendent's Secretary—J. W. An cell, esq. The following naval [...]
Full text:[...] Menendez and Bar-cena abroad. Aden ...... L. Thomas Alexandria .. James Davidson Athens...... John Green & Co. Cadiz ....... Hijos de Pedro de Zulueta Calcutta____J. R. Engledue Ceylon (Galle) [...]
Full text:[...] m aaunp jnu uuos qui ^ UlfliqBjfiJj poc cs»«dii qmaoi* 'wqwpsaq 1. t «p?»AH jo acmo uooi * Homeward Frrtfrht, peyabte in England. SSecie any distance exceeding 2,500 miles, and deliverable at *£ Bank [...]
Full text:[...]  46 MASONIC LODGES, K I". MASONIC LODGES AND DAYS OF MEETING. The Masonic Hall is situated in Bugle-street, where the following Lodges, &c., are held:— The Royal Gloucester Lodge, No. 152, which rece [...]
Full text:[...] Friends' Chapel, Castle-square. Elders, Joseph Evans and Joseph Clark, sen. Clerk to the Meeting, John Home GUisyer. Roman Catholic Chap [...]
Full text:[...] Equitable, Life .......... J. Blatch, 22, Above-bar Scottish Union, Fire and Life .... John Kerr, 129, High-street, and Henry Lucas, St. Mary's-street South of England, Fire and Life .. Page [...]
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