Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. XXV11 Coulthard, Win. yeoman, Exbury Coupland, Hen. working goldsmith and jeweller, 13, Lansdowne-hill Coupland, John, printer, 28, High-street, Hampshire Advertiser Offic [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST QF STREETS. CXU1 Martin, Mrs. • ^Bartlett, Charles Owen, John Frome, Miss Warren, Miss Young, Mrsi 6 Wilson, CapL 5 "Bowen, Miss 3 Laishley, Richard 2 Purefoy, Mrs. 1 Dickson, P. es [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. cxir ] Elderton (M. A.) Mrs. 1 Elderton, W. 1" Sheldon (E.) Miss 10 Hill, Jos. jun. I 9 Powell, Henry 8 Garter, John 8 Denman (M.) Mrs 7 Glasspool, Thomas 23 Williams, H [...]
Full text:[...] exxvi ALPHABETICAL LIST Of 8TBEETS. Brabham, Samuel Elderton, Mrs. G. 4 Dawkins, John 5 Burgess, Edward 5 Chalcraft, E. 5 Barker, Miss Hunt, Geo. Peninsular-terrace (Bridge-road.) Williams, RevP. J. [...]
Full text:[...] cxxvui ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 21 Lunn, Mrs. 20 Holloway, W. H. 19 Graham, John 18 Dempster, Geo. 17 Brown, Geo. 17 Ferrari, Signor Arnold, J as. 13 Clear, Chas. 12 Budden, E. 11 Emery, Mrs. 10 [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cxH I i \ - Cooksey and Sons, 125, High-st. Copeland, Chas. 61, Above-bar. Cray, C. D. 15, East-street Cro«£Wm. 6, Orchard-lane Darke, Wm. 32, Albert-street Figes (Eliza) Miss [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AKB TRADES, cxbrii Physicians. Biillat-j Joseph, 2, Prospect-place Bullar, William, 2, Prospect-place Clark; Henry, 73, Marland-place Norton, J. H. Shirley Oke, W. S. Rockstone-terrace Sh [...]
Full text:[...] w8ps»sa*t, pammnmar, nwranjiioir, etc. SOUTHAMPTON DISPENSARY. 146, High Street. Secretary—Mr. E. M. Randall. 59 COUNTY OF HANTS FEMALE PENITENTIARY North-front, Kingsland-place. Established 1823. Pa [...]
Full text:[...] r:?.. fit King's Russian Embrocation for Chilblains. This Embrocation has long been held in very deserved estimation for its-great tefficacy in preventing and Removing those tonbenting wintry rfeitaa [...]
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