Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory for 1847
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Full text:[...] i"''- % CHARLES THOMAS ftl WIN 9 f ©1TSHAM2SQH, ©a M. 00TT0M MAKER OF THE ELASTIC-EDGE RAZOR, AND ®IE®©isi© vmm No. 22, TfktSge Street, Surgeons' .* Instruments and all kinds of Cutlcry grountf on t [...]
Full text:[...]  GO OVERSEERS, CHURCHWARDENS, GUARDIANS. OVERSEERS. ALL SAINTS. John Collyer Charles Copeland HOLY ROOD. Thomas Harvey Eli Hale ST. JOHN. John Boden William Yeoman ST. LAWBBNCB. John Coupland Charles [...]
Full text:[...] gfflAlf PACKET COMfASUSj /®E<2. 43< SOLENT SEA STEAM PACKET COMPANY. Manager—Mr. Joseph Clark, juii. Full Tonnage. Horse Power. Solent ...............................61 The Solent ply. between Lymiug [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST QF STREETS. CXU1 Martin, Mrs. • ^Bartlett, Charles Owen, John Frome, Miss Warren, Miss Young, Mrsi 6 Wilson, CapL 5 "Bowen, Miss 3 Laishley, Richard 2 Purefoy, Mrs. 1 Dickson, P. es [...]
Full text:[...] WATERWORKS COMMISSIONERS, TRUSTEES. 57 WATERWORKS ELECTIVE COMMISSIONERS. . AU SAINTS. Mr. George Evans J. R. Keele, esq. Dr. Clark Mr. Johr\ Snook Mr. William Sellwood, sen. Mr. John Cook Mr. Willia [...]
Full text:[...] TOWS OOUNOILLOBa, BOBOUGH OFFICERS. 61 MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. Mayor—William James Le Feuvre, esq. aldermen. William James Le Feuvre, esq. Admiral Ward John King, esq. Joseph Lobb, esq. Mr. W. H [...]
Full text:[...] Ixxxviii ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES* ;C 1 • . I: ..... i rAy :.:■■■> ■ Sheldrake, Wm. Hen. Alton ale-house and refreshment rooms, East-street r Shepard, John, sen. painter and glazier, 28, French-s [...]
Full text:[...] w cm 28 Sheppard, H. Dark, William 33 Harris, Thomas Albion-place. Wiggley, C. Amor (F.) Mrs. 1 Sloman, Mrs. 3 Donkin, Richard 4 Wilson (A.) Miss 5 Doswell, John D. 6 Hunt, Henry 6 Richardson, Wm. 7 [...]
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