Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] JULY XXXI. New Moon, 4 day, at 4 23 after. First Quarter, 12............2 15 after. Full Moon, 19............6 11 morn. Last Quarter, 26............3 13 morn. D 1 Tu 2 W 3Th 4F 5 S 6 E 7M 8Tu 9 W 10 [...]
Full text:[...] XVI COUNTY OFFICERS, ECLIPSES, ETC. ii HAMPSHIRE COUNTY OFFICERS. Lord lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum—The Duke of Wellington. High Sheriff (till March)—J. T. Waddington, esq., of Shawford-house, W [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HOUSEHOLDERS AND RESIDENTS, IilVING WITHIN THE OFFICIAL DISTRICT OF THE POSTMASTER OF SOUTHAMPTON. The Country Deliveries connected with the Southampton Post-office are named aft [...]
Full text:[...] xvm ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. 4 1! 1 Allan, Thomas Alexander, of the West India Steam Company s Offices, 3, Queen's-terrace Allcot, John Henry, mariner, 13, Upper St. Mary's-street Allen (Elizabeth [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. XIX Arnold, Asher, grocer, 24, Grove-street Arnold, General, 3, Anglesea-place Arnold, James, yeoman, Stonehills, Fawley Arnold, John, carrier, Woodington, Fawley Arnold, [...]
Full text:[...] XX ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES* Bailey, John, yeoman, Nursling Bailey, Joseph, shoemaker, Albert-street Bailey, Thomas, general dealer, Sarisbury Green Baker (Ann), Miss, Bevois-house, Onslow-road Bak [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. XXI Barber William, yeoman, Manor Farm, Nursling Barfoot, Daniel, gentleman, Curdridge-cottage, Botley Barfoot, Edward, yeoman, Moor Green, Westend Barfoot (Frances), Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...]  XXII ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Barrow, Miss, 3, Portland-place, New-road Barrow, Richard, carpenter and joiner, 3, Western-ter. Chapel-road Barry, William, gentleman, 2, Houndwell-lane Barter (Mar [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. XX111 Beavis, James, builder, 17, Orchard-lane Beavis, John, yeoman, Copyhold Farm, Winsor, Totton Beavis, John William, builder, East-st. and at 19, St. Mary's-street Bea [...]
Full text:[...] XXIV ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Bessant, John, yeoman, Brackstone Farm, Rushington, Totton Bessant, Richard, yeoman, Durley Farm, Houndsdown, Totton Bessant, William, yeoman, Parker's Farm, Woodland [...]
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