Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS. 153 HAir©¥IiIE°]B,PHIL®3Eir©SS) conducted by MR. W. SIMS, (Of the College Royal de Louis-le-Grand, Paris). Young Gentlemen are carefully and expeditiously instructed in the various br [...]
Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS;. 125 ^♦ w (successors to h. fbicker and co.), JJKtoirg, LACBMBN, IMPORTERS OF tyozeityu, Sifkd, Sfiaw&, Eiutfioidetiea, C^fovea, T&iSfioud, SNkwetd, d^c. tfc. iFamtlg J&ournfag. FUNE [...]
Full text:[...] 158 ADVERTISEMENTS. 124, Wf, vim tf}( § fivkt WDimraiAicimDiJ, Take the opportunity of the completion of their new and extensive Premises,, of thanking their Friends for their favours during the seve [...]
Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS. 167 BBITANNIA &, CRANE ROMAN CEMENT & LIME WORKS, GYPSTJM MILLS, Plaster of Paris & Whiting Manufactory, BRICKS, SLATES, &c. Long experience has firmly and incontrovertibly establishe [...]
Full text:[...] 124 AD VERTISEMEN TS. Sonth-Western Steam-Packet Company. SPLENDID, POWERFUL, & FAVOURITE STEAM SHIPS leave for HAVRE-DE-GRACE, Every day during the Summer Months, and Three times a week from the W o [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 19 are the rates of postage for prepaid letters. If letters are not prepaid, the rates are doubled. An easy method of reckoning the postage on heavy letters, is to ascertain [...]
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