Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] lxiv ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. m W & Lowry, Jas. commander, R.N. Highlands-cottage, Itchen Ferry Lucas, Edward, hairdresser and perfumer, 110, High-street Lucas, Henry, accountant, Albion-house, St [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. lxv McQueen, Wm. draper, 11, South-front Maddison, Martin, esq. Castle-square Maddison (Martin), and Pearce (Robt.) bankers, 172, High-street Madge, Isaac, tailor, 23, St. [...]
Full text:[...] lxvi ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. _____i- Martin, Frederick, mail guard, 6, St. Mary's-place Martin, George, horse breaker, Totton Martin, James, plumber, 21, Bugle-street Martin, John Wm. hairdresser [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Meecy, Wm. baker, Bartley, Totton Meredith, Augustus, bricklayer, 46, South-front Metcher, Thos. plumber, 4, Middle East-street Metford and Jennings, ironmongers and found [...]
Full text:[...] lxviii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Mitchell, Thos. Chapel-cottage, Chapel-road Mittler (Caroline), Miss, eating-house keeper, 104, High-street Moberly, Wm. Henry, solicitor, 29, Portland-st. & 11, Ro [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. lxix Mosse, Bobt. Lee, esq. 4, Carlton-crescent Mott, John, yeoman, Bevois-hill (1^ Slllse keeper, 14, Winehester-ter. Mowle, Eleazer, baker, 1, St. Mary s-street Muddock, [...]
Full text:[...] lxx ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Nicholson, Benj. yeoman, Little Testwood Farm, Totton Nicholson, Jas. clerk in the Ordnance Map-office, 1, Northam-pl. Nicholson, Mich, clerk in the Ordnance Map-offic [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. lxxi Olding, John, carpenter, 1, Mount-place Olding, Thos. carrier, Hounsdown, Totton Oliver, Chas. cordwainer, Hamble Oliver, Henry, shoemaker, Totton Oliver, Mrs. Winsor [...]
Full text:[...] lxxii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. I I h If' Page, Henry, porter, 14, Bugle-street Page, John, waiter, 39, French-street Page, William, hosier and outfitter, 163, High-street Page (Win. B.) and Son, n [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. lxxiii Payne, John, coachmaker, 3, Bugle-street Payne, Joseph Henry, merchant captain, 4, Lansdowne-hill Payne, Mark, yeoman, Marchwood Payne, Sampson, china and glass mer [...]
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