Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] CXX11 PEOPBSSIONS AND TRADES. Watchmakers. Barter, Maria Dawes, R. Fry, Wm. Grant, George Jones, George F. Kern, Joseph Lash more, Thomas Manning, James Osman, F. Pegler, George Rogers, John Solomon, [...]
Full text:[...] CX7111 PB0FE8SI0WS AND TRADES. Cook, Henry Parr, John Wootton, George I.*- Merchants. Andrews, John Andrews, Philip Archer, Isaac Bartlett, Charles Bennett, John Channel] and Ridges Chaplin, Samuel C [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TBADES. CX11 Carley, J. Langley, R. Liney,R. Nicholas,- J. Price, J. Scott, J. Spencer, R. Brush and Basket Manufacturers. Jones. W. Knight and Thompson White James Builders and Carpe [...]
Full text:[...] PROFESSIONS AND TRADES. cxv Coopers. Clark, .T. Day, W. Harris, J Hayter, G J. Mason, W. Osborn, W. Robertson, W. Russell, W. Starks, F. Cork Cutter. Maclean, J. Corn Merchants. Anthony, Edward Bell, [...]
Full text:[...] 64 GUARDIANS, CHURCHWARDENS, OYERSEEBS. GUARDIANS. ST. JOHN. Mr. Nicholas Bienvenu, Deputy President. John Shepard, jun. HOLY ROOD. Mr. James Joseph Wolff. Mr. George Lillington Marshall. Mr. Samps [...]
Full text:[...] CX11 PROFESSIONS AND TBADES. Hampshire Banking Company Maddison and Pearce National Provincial Banking Company Barrister. Hulton, E. H. esq. Baths. Dear, C. Pardey, Mrs. Webb, J. Berlin Warehouses. C [...]
Full text:[...] IMPROVEMENT ACT AND INCOME-TAX COMMISSIONERS. 67 Henry Revely Mitford, esq. % George Wickens Willes, esq., Hythe. Horatio Francis Kingsford Holloway, esq., March wood Lodge. Charles Brett, esq., Exbu [...]
Full text:[...] A LIST OF PROFESSIONS AND TRADES, ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED. m Accountants. Beckingham, John T. Brice, John Clark, John Darke, W. Farrand, Wm. Fitzgerald, Thomas Harding, H. N. Hibbs, Wm. Kennedy, Jame [...]
Full text:[...] cxx PROFESSIONS AND TBADES. Ship-brokers and Shipping-agents. Coster and Allvey Deal, J. W. Firmin, Thomas N. Helleur, John Hill, Thomas Ianson, Wm. Jourdain, H. Le Boutillier, D. D. Lefeuvre, W. J. [...]
Full text:[...] gs I & set et t -st. TOWN COTTNCILLOBS, BOROUGH OFFICERS. 63 MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. Mayor—Captain Griffith. ALDERMEN. William James Le Feuyre, esq. Captain Ward, B.N. John King, esq. Joseph Lo [...]
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