Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...]  34 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT 1747. An Act of Parliament passed for " repairing, improving, and maintaining the public conduits and other water works belonging to the town of Southampton." 1754. The corp [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. 36 and town of Southampton, for making a convenient dock for the security of 'ships, for extending the quays and wharfs, and making docks and piers in the harbour there, and [...]
Full text:[...] 36 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT The Hampshire Advertiser newspaper established.—A steamer (the Medina) made the first trip from Southampton to the Channel Islands. 1823. Zion Chapel built.—-The Dispensary e [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. J839. The Railroad from Southampton to Winchester opened. 1840. -The Railroad from Southampton to London opened.—December. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Packet Company se [...]
Full text:[...] COACH AND CARRIER DIRECTORY COACHES. Bath-Mail, from Curtis's and Matcham's, every afternoon, at half-past - — at half-past twelve at noon, through Ringwood and Wimborne. •SSBSbSSm borough, Swindon, [...]
Full text:[...] 40 CARRIERS. Salisbury—Packet, from the Crown Inn, at five in the evening, daily. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, through Romsey; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, through Plaitford. Weymouth—Emerald, [...]
Full text:[...] CARRIERS. 41 Christchurch—from the Fountain Tap, Tuesday and Saturday, 9 a. m.— Tilley. Devizes—-from the Red Lion, Saturday, 3 p. m.—Franklin. Downton—from the Fountain Tap, Saturday, 12 noon.—King, [...]
Full text:[...] 42 CABBIEBS. Poole, through Ringwood—from the Nag's Head, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 9 a. m.—Simmonds. Portsmouth, through Titchfield and Gosport>—from the Nag's Head, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa [...]
Full text:[...] GOVERNMENT OFFICE, COMMERCIAL, MUNICIPAL, AND MISCELLANEOUS DIRECTORY. CUSTOM-HOUSE. Collector—S. Price Edwards, Esq. Comptroller—E. B. Smith, Esq. Chief Clerk—J. Graves. Landing Surveyor—J. T. King, [...]
Full text:[...] 44 EXCISE-OFFICE, STAMP-OFFICE, BOABD OF ADMIRALTY. All goods which are allowed by the Law of Customs and Navigation to be imported into the United Kingdom can be imported into Southampton, except to [...]
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