Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] 26 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. and boroughs]—as to payment of rates and taxes—of claim by Freemen to Town Clerks—of objection to Overseers and Town Clerks—of objection to parties objected to—from Town C [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION". 25 36.—Prices' Current. Prices' Current can be sent abroad for one penny postage, the prepayment of which is optional, provided they are posted within seven days from the da [...]
Full text:[...] 24 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. One penny each must be prepaid on Newspapers to Holland. Twopence each must be prepaid on newspapers to the following places:—, viz., China (via Southampton), Cuba or Hava [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 21 8. d. 1 10 1 0 0 6 1 0 0 8 0 8 1 0 BY PACKETS FROM LONDON* To * Germany, Denmark, Sweden, And Russia ♦Heligoland . . . . ♦Hamburgh, Cuxhaven, Lubeck, Grand Duchy of Oldenb [...]
Full text:[...] 20 fOST-OFFIOB INFORMATION, BY PACKETS FROM LIVERPOOL. 8. d. To United States*, Bermuda, Halifax (N.S.), Newfoundland, British North America* (via Boston), uniform rate of 10 Upper and Lower Canada, [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 19 are the rates of postage for prepaid letters. If letters are not prepaid, the rates are doubled. An easy method of reckoning the postage on heavy letters, is to ascertain [...]
Full text:[...] 13 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. Chester, Cirencester, Clitheroe, Cockermouth, Conway, Coventry, Cuck-field, Dartford, Daventry, Dover, Farringdon, Fenny Stratford, Feversham, Gateshead, Gloucester, Grav [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 17 13.—Routes of Letters by London and Cross Post from Southampton. Letters for Ireland (except Dunmore and Waterford), Scotland, the North of England, and Wales, and the Eas [...]
Full text:[...] 16 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. A fee of one penny is charged for letters to be sent by the Exeter or London (night) mails, for the first 30 minutes after the box is closed for those mails, and two-pence [...]
Full text:[...] SEPTEMBER XXX. New Moon, 1 day, at 9 27 even. F^Moon^'is:::::: 10 « S" Last Quarter, 23...... 12 18 noon j) Sundays, Holidays, etc. B Sundays, Holidays, etc. 1M 2Tu 3 W 4Th 5 F 6 S IE 8 M 9Tu 10 W 11 [...]
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