Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] (Francis), Colonel, Calvados-villa, Shirley-common Todd (Ellen), Miss, 7, Above-bar Todd, Sir William D'Arcy, 9, Westgate-street Tomlin, Fanny, innkeeper, Lepe, Exbury Tomlin (Geo. W.) Lieut. R.N. [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 15 in the morning, during 15 minutes, for the London (day) mail; at 1 in the afternoon, during 30 minutes, for the Bath mail; at half-past 1 in the afternoon, for the Isle of [...]
Full text:[...] 16 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. A fee of one penny is charged for letters to be sent by the Exeter or London (night) mails, for the first 30 minutes after the box is closed for those mails, and two-pence [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 23 Scotia), Newfoundland, and British North America. Before 10 at night, every Wednesday, for Lisbon, Madeira, Spain, and Gibraltar. Before 10 at night, on the Wednesday near [...]
Full text:[...] 28 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. Foreign, colonial, or ship letters can only be registered so far as the English port from which they are dispatched, with the exception of letters for France, or whose rou [...]
Full text:[...] POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 29 48.—Letters cann6t be returned after once posted. Letters, when posted, can under no circumstances be returned to the writers or persons posting them, until they have been [...]
Full text:[...] 32 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT 1237. The corporation list of mayors commenced. 1239. Netley Abbey founded. 1292. The stone conduit under the Polygon erected. 1295. The inhabitants of the town first exercis [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. 33 Dukes of Clarence and Warwick, and those of Earl Rivers, when the former were defeated and prevented seizing a large vessel called the Trinity, belonging to the port. 1473 [...]
Full text:[...] were renewed after having been discontinued for several years.—1 he pillar erected in honor of William Chamberlayne, Esq., of Cranbury Park, for presenting to the town the iron columns to support the [...]
Full text:[...] 36 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT The Hampshire Advertiser newspaper established.—A steamer (the Medina) made the first trip from Southampton to the Channel Islands. 1823. Zion Chapel built.—-The Dispensary e [...]
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