Volumes in the collection: The Southampton Post Office Directory 1845
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Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS, 175 Southampton Docks (continued). COALI. To any one party landing per annum, 5000 tons or under —a wharfage of . > All beyond 5000 ditto Trans-shipped into Lighter 0 4| per ton. 0 3| [...]
Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS. 95 NATIONAL PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, 48, GRACECHURCH-STREET, LONDON, Established at 13, Nicholas Lane, King William Street, December, 1835, foe Jlflwtuaf JUduzauco ott 8udowtueutd, 3)ef [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. J839. The Railroad from Southampton to Winchester opened. 1840. -The Railroad from Southampton to London opened.—December. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Packet Company se [...]
Full text:[...] 36 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT The Hampshire Advertiser newspaper established.—A steamer (the Medina) made the first trip from Southampton to the Channel Islands. 1823. Zion Chapel built.—-The Dispensary e [...]
Full text:[...] RELATING TO SOUTHAMPTON. 36 and town of Southampton, for making a convenient dock for the security of 'ships, for extending the quays and wharfs, and making docks and piers in the harbour there, and [...]
Full text:[...]  34 CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT 1747. An Act of Parliament passed for " repairing, improving, and maintaining the public conduits and other water works belonging to the town of Southampton." 1754. The corp [...]
Full text:[...] 22 POST-OFFICE INFORMATION. 27.—How Letters for India, Song Kong, Australia, Mauritius, and the Mediterranean, via Southampton, w&W & addressed. Letters for India, Australia, Mauritius, China, Egypt, [...]
Full text:[...] ¥ NOVEMBER XXX. First Quarter, 6 day, at 6 7 even. Full Moon, 14 ...... 12 48 mid. Last Quarter, 22...... 4 19 morn. New Moon, 29 ...... 11 34 morn. D Sundays, Holidays, etc. 1 S All Saints' Day 2 E [...]
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