Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] Ml 4 Smithers, Thomas 5 Lisle, John Field, John Scott, Robert CARLTON CRESCENT 1 Arundel, Misses 2 Gold, Mrs. . " 3 Southouse, Thomas, esq. 3 Dixon, Mrs. 5 Giffard, Admiral 7 Onslow, Sir Henry, bart. [...]
Full text:[...] 131 Silly, John Bower, William Henry Degee, George Heydon, Henry Springett, John Martin, John Chidell, William Osbaldiston, John Henry Foot, John Musselwhite, Robert Beavis, James Matthews, Charles C [...]
Full text:[...] 132 -i\ Burnett, James Bond, William Woodford, Henry Parker, Mary PEMBROKE SQUARE Baylis, John Brabham, Samuel Purkis, Charles Jarvis, John POLYGON Breton, Peter, esq. Nunez, Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Arthur [...]
Full text:[...] 137 8 Gould, Mrs. 9 Sopp, Stephen 10 Light, John 11 Hartnell, Thomas 12 Franklin, Joseph 13 Godley, Edward 13 Vincent, John 14 Coward, Henry 15 Robinson, S. W. 16 Curtis, Mrs. 17 Pickman, Joseph T. W [...]
Full text:[...] 179 Saint John's: Mr. Thomas Dymott | Mr. Nicholas Bienvenu Saint Mary's: Edward Thompson, Esq. | Mr. JohnMaffey Saint Michael's James C. Sharp, Esq. Mr. W. Blandford Mr. John Taylor Edward Lomer, Es [...]
Full text:[...] 185 these national undertakings is that transmitted under the name of the Doomsday Book. This ancient record was not laid down on map or paper, but was a mere catalogue of property. For this survey c [...]
Full text:[...] 191 the bottom of the latter mentioned well there are four adits or tunnels carried from the sides of the well east, west, north, and south, each about 40 feet in length and six feet square. The wate [...]
Full text:[...]  193 interest and curiosity to the scientific portion of the community. Some of the most eminent geologists in this country, including Professor Buckland, Mr. Lyell, and Sir William De la Beche have [...]
Full text:[...]  IMPERIAL Sun Court, Cornhill; % No. 5, St. Jame's Street, London. INSTITUTED 1SOS. For Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Wares, Merchandises, Manufacturing and Farming Stock, Ships in Fort [...]
Full text:[...]  IMPERIAL S«Sr®" -O-S?? B^/8 Sun Court, (Jornliill; and St. James's Street, London. mOTS^w^io) ass®, SUBSCRIBED AND INVESTED CAPITAL, ONE MILLION. DIRECTORS. CHARLES FRANCIS COBB, Esq., Chairman. [...]
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