Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] ■'.NT' 1 G ' 123 3 Berry, Robert 4 Starke, Charles F. 5 Lock, James 6 Fryer, William 7 Arnold, Job 8 Watson, John 9 Cozens, Thomas 10 Waight, Joseph 11 Newman, Mrs. 13 Cawte, John 14 Parvin, William [...]
Full text:[...] 122 COSSACK STREET (Kingsland Place) Cooper, Richard White, James Whiffin, James Bull, Mrs. Geary, William Gear, Richard Andrews, Mrs. Tucker, Charles Hurst, Mrs. Frampton, John Hinvest, Joseph Light [...]
Full text:[...] Ml 4 Smithers, Thomas 5 Lisle, John Field, John Scott, Robert CARLTON CRESCENT 1 Arundel, Misses 2 Gold, Mrs. . " 3 Southouse, Thomas, esq. 3 Dixon, Mrs. 5 Giffard, Admiral 7 Onslow, Sir Henry, bart. [...]
Full text:[...] n 118 33 Smith. Miss 31 Primer, Charles 38 Deykin, Samuel 38 Brice, Mrs. 39 Blaker, Mrs. 45 Florence, Miss 50 Palmer, Thomas 52 Leach, Thomas. 56 Miller, Mrs. Lock, Mrs. Grinstead, Solomon Ireland, H [...]
Full text:[...] 115 30 Whitehead, Mrs. 30 Parsons, William 31 Pierce, Joseph Spurrier 32 Tucker, John Tralfles 32 Baker, Robert 33 Andrews, Miss 34 Primer, George 34 Moore, George 186 Smith, John 35 Webb, John 36 Lo [...]
Full text:[...] 108 White, Arnold, yeoman, Bury farm, Eling, Totton White, Richard, master mariner, 6, Winchester terrace Whitehead, Mrs. confectioner, 30, Above bar Whiteway, Captain R. N. Rumbridge, Totton Wrhitl [...]
Full text:[...] 107 Wheeler, William, coachman, Fawley-lodge, Fawley Wheeler, William Ballard, accountant, 2, Westgate street Wheeler, George, innkeeper, Crown and Anchor, Commercial road Wheeler, Henry, gardener, R [...]
Full text:[...] 85 Rieves, Mark, blacksmith, Stafford's Lake, Botley Riggs, Henry, smith, 14, North front, Kingsland place Rimer, Mrs. 13, Orchard lane Rimer, Charles, provision merchant, 13, High street Rimer, John [...]
Full text:[...] 83 Ratly, James, gardener, H amble Rawe, Joseph, currier & leather cutter, 6, Middle East-st. Rawles, William, tailor, West-end Rawlence, Benjamin, innkeeper, Ship Inn, Bucklershard, Beaulieu Rawling [...]
Full text:[...] 71 Murrant, George, master mariner, Bursledon Muspratt, Thomas, yeoman, Deer-leap, Hounsdown, Totton Mussel white, George, green grocer, 25, Union terrace Musselwhite, Robt. green grocer, 19, Orchard [...]
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