Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] T@lf>®!gKAIPlnlD(gAlL W@K8SS RELATING TO ^ampsfnit, tljc Me of &r. (LESAREA.—THE ISLAND OF JERSEY: Its History, Constitution, Government, Laws, Peculiar Privileges, Customs, Mineralogy, Produce, Comm [...]
Full text:[...] SIR WILLIAM BURNETTS PATENT (continued). This process is, moreover, perfectly 'innoxious, and cannot by possibility endanger healthy either in its preparation, or in its application : all the Timbers [...]
Full text:[...] SIR WILLIAM BUMETT'S PATENT, FOE THE PRESERVATION OF TO B5 FID- '!> — COTTON, WOOLLEN, &c., from DRY-ROT, MILDEW, MOTH, -4ArZ> PREMATURE DECAY. It has ever been a great desideratum to obtain some mea [...]
Full text:[...] FRANCOIS filRAUD, ® ©1 g il©f I 3BA3E,2 OPPOSITE THE POUND TREE, H. A. SMITH, BAKER, AND 24, Jlfiove 18cm, SOUTHAMPTON. Sir, m 1 j>| tel ll I w [...]
Full text:[...] i I \ I I 7c\ THE NEWSPAPERS // ARE DELIVERED Every Morning at half-past Ten, by % FLETCHER AND CO, Sir ATOOM SKS TO BEB MAJESTY, and STEWS AGENTS* High Street, .szcmiP) B [...]
Full text:[...] PLAN of THE TOW OF SOUTHAMPTON (GREATLY REDUCED IN PRICE), Dedicated by permission to the Worshipful the Mayor and Corporation, by GEORGE DOSWELL, IL &MW A (RUE) (gQWOL IQ^KgQlMlII^g 35, BERNARD STRE [...]
Full text:[...] annual division op profits and large reduction op premiums. Hand-in-Hand Life Insurance Society, 1, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, Instituted in 1696.—Extended to Life Insurance in 1836. Immediate9 [...]
Full text:[...]  IMPERIAL S«Sr®" -O-S?? B^/8 Sun Court, (Jornliill; and St. James's Street, London. mOTS^w^io) ass®, SUBSCRIBED AND INVESTED CAPITAL, ONE MILLION. DIRECTORS. CHARLES FRANCIS COBB, Esq., Chairman. [...]
Full text:[...]  IMPERIAL Sun Court, Cornhill; % No. 5, St. Jame's Street, London. INSTITUTED 1SOS. For Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Wares, Merchandises, Manufacturing and Farming Stock, Ships in Fort [...]
Full text:[...]  193 interest and curiosity to the scientific portion of the community. Some of the most eminent geologists in this country, including Professor Buckland, Mr. Lyell, and Sir William De la Beche have [...]
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