Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] 119 BROAD STREET (Kingsland Place) Lock, Richard Mears, Richard Flood, Adam Thatcher, William BRUNSWICK PLACE 2 Johnston, Miss 3 Fisher, Colonel 4 Fayrer, Lieut. R. N. 6 Druce, Joseph, esq. 7 Dick, M [...]
Full text:[...] 130 ;-v ) 25 Simpson, Henry 31 Henning, William 32 Morey, Cornelius NEW ROAD 2 Wales, Mrs. 3 Jones, Samuel 4 Payne, Thomas 5 M'Clean, Mrs. 6 Metcher, Joseph 7 Fox, Mrs. 9 Hyslop, Andrew 10 Clarke, He [...]
Full text:[...] PATENT WIRE ROPE, for Ships' Standing Rigging, Lightning Conductors, STRAPPINGS FOR BLOCKS, RAILWAY, MINING, & GENERAL PURPOSES. Four Grants of Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent have been obtained w [...]
Full text:[...] SIR WILLIAM BUMETT'S PATENT, FOE THE PRESERVATION OF TO B5 FID- '!> — COTTON, WOOLLEN, &c., from DRY-ROT, MILDEW, MOTH, -4ArZ> PREMATURE DECAY. It has ever been a great desideratum to obtain some mea [...]
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