Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] 103 Ward, Captain R. N. 8, Orchard place Ward, John, saddler, Beaulieu Ward, Thomas, esq. surgeon, 4, Hanover buildings Ward, Mrs. Grosvenor place Ward, Richard, dealer, Bittern Ward, William, paper [...]
Full text:[...] 137 8 Gould, Mrs. 9 Sopp, Stephen 10 Light, John 11 Hartnell, Thomas 12 Franklin, Joseph 13 Godley, Edward 13 Vincent, John 14 Coward, Henry 15 Robinson, S. W. 16 Curtis, Mrs. 17 Pickman, Joseph T. W [...]
Full text:[...] 180 TRUSTEES OF THE SEVERAL CHARITIES IN SOUTHAMPTON, Late under the administration of the Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses. Abel Rous Dottin, Esq., Bugle Hall Jas. Barlow Hoy, Esq., Thornhill Admiral G [...]
Full text:[...]  ^ % WW,-.., ,., /- ^ Hall and Co.'s Portable Waterproof Dresses claim the attention of all who are exposed to the wet. Ladies' Cardinal Cloaks, with Hoods, from 18s. GENTLEMEN'S DRESSES, Comprising [...]
Full text:[...] South-Western Steam Packet Company. 3;! id!' I J K a SPLENDID, POWERFUL, & FAVOURITE STEAM SHIPS LEAVE FOR HAVRE-DE-GRACE, GUERNSEY & JERSEY, ST. MALO, Torquay, Dartmouth, Plymouth, A Falmouth, EVERY [...]
Full text:[...] INFLUENZA AND FEVER. Q 9 ARE A CERTAIN REMEDY FOR FEVERS, COLDS, INFLUENZA, And all Diseases that arise from obstructed perspiration. The Medicine here recommended to the Practitioner, and the Public [...]
Full text:[...] PATENT MEDICINES sold by 3TATIONERS TO HER. MAJESTY^ ELLIS'S FRIEND IN NEED; Or, Rheumatic Embrocade. Price Is. \\d. Prepared only by JOHN ELLIS, Mint, Exeter, Sole Proprietor. The most speedy and e [...]
Full text:[...] OR BILIOUS PILL, For Bilious, Stomach, and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Sick Head Ache, Blotches, Eruptions, Pimples in the Face, &c. &c. This Pill is the most effective known in cleansing the stom [...]
Full text:[...] PALK'S Will, on trial, be found to exceed any thing of the kind ever offered to the Public, as a safe, certain, and easy application for removing Grease Spots out of Silks, Stuffs, and Woollens of al [...]
Full text:[...] 115 30 Whitehead, Mrs. 30 Parsons, William 31 Pierce, Joseph Spurrier 32 Tucker, John Tralfles 32 Baker, Robert 33 Andrews, Miss 34 Primer, George 34 Moore, George 186 Smith, John 35 Webb, John 36 Lo [...]
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