Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] I I i NEWTON'S GLOBES, Of 20, 15, 12, 9, and 6 Inches in Diameter, Mounted in elegantly carved Roseivood and Spanish Mahogany Frames, NEW PATTERNS, INTENDED EXPRESSLY FOR THE DRAWING- ROOM, l § % m [...]
Full text:[...] PATENT WIRE ROPE, for Ships' Standing Rigging, Lightning Conductors, STRAPPINGS FOR BLOCKS, RAILWAY, MINING, & GENERAL PURPOSES. Four Grants of Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent have been obtained w [...]
Full text:[...] OR BILIOUS PILL, For Bilious, Stomach, and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Sick Head Ache, Blotches, Eruptions, Pimples in the Face, &c. &c. This Pill is the most effective known in cleansing the stom [...]
Full text:[...] PATENT MEDICINES sold by 3TATIONERS TO HER. MAJESTY^ ELLIS'S FRIEND IN NEED; Or, Rheumatic Embrocade. Price Is. \\d. Prepared only by JOHN ELLIS, Mint, Exeter, Sole Proprietor. The most speedy and e [...]
Full text:[...] INFLUENZA AND FEVER. Q 9 ARE A CERTAIN REMEDY FOR FEVERS, COLDS, INFLUENZA, And all Diseases that arise from obstructed perspiration. The Medicine here recommended to the Practitioner, and the Public [...]
Full text:[...] LEVI & CO., AND GENERAL REPOSITORY FOR LADIES' FANCY NEEDLEWORK, 4149, 3Cigfi .Street (opposite tfie Stat 3Cotetj, Ha®l20' PERFUMERY, BRUSHES, BASKETS, TOYS, §c. THOMAS GLASSPOOL, Corn Jfactor, AND [...]
Full text:[...]  NEW IMMOVABLE MARKING INK, Without preparation^ for Writing on Linen. All Marking Inks without preparation that have hitherto been offered to the public, cannot be relied upon for durability; but t [...]
Full text:[...] HSS. SAffiffiSSTFIlP*! ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES, AS, !P@iE®l3&5iS® S,S®!B&©5B» SOUTHAMPTON. 3?amS8$3 Per Annum. £ s. d. Daily Pupils under Ten Years of Age, including Instruction in "Writing an [...]
Full text:[...] PLAN of THE TOW OF SOUTHAMPTON (GREATLY REDUCED IN PRICE), Dedicated by permission to the Worshipful the Mayor and Corporation, by GEORGE DOSWELL, IL &MW A (RUE) (gQWOL IQ^KgQlMlII^g 35, BERNARD STRE [...]
Full text:[...] South-Western Steam Packet Company. 3;! id!' I J K a SPLENDID, POWERFUL, & FAVOURITE STEAM SHIPS LEAVE FOR HAVRE-DE-GRACE, GUERNSEY & JERSEY, ST. MALO, Torquay, Dartmouth, Plymouth, A Falmouth, EVERY [...]
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