Volumes in the collection: Post Office Directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood Comprised in The Postmaster's District. Compiled by William Cooper Chief Clerk in the Southapton Post Office. 1843
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Full text:[...] 174 Andover Road—Weymouth Magnet, 9 a. m. ; Salisbury Express, 11 a. m.; Light Salisbury, every day, at 3 p. m. ; Exeter Defiance, every day, 7 p. m. ; Andover, f past 11 a. m. and \ past 7 p. m. ; W [...]
Full text:[...] 175 REVENUE CRUISERS. Active—-Lieut. Tomlin, R. N., Commander. Lady of the Lake—Lieut. Love, R.N., Commander. INSPECTING COMMANDERS. Jjymington—Captain G. A. Halstead, R. N. Goayorf—Captain Ramsey, R [...]
Full text:[...] 181 several regulations, and liable to the duties of Tonnage and Doomage, and other duties to which they are subject or liable in the Port of the Town of Southampton, as if the same ships and vessels [...]
Full text:[...] 183 The benefits which will result from the attainment of these objects, in the equalization of local and general taxation—in fixing the boundaries and value of property— in forwarding the constructi [...]
Full text:[...] 184 and Westmoreland are at present in the course of being surveyed, and offices for that purpose are established at Preston, York, Liverpool, Manchester, and Skipton. The Engraving Department has no [...]
Full text:[...] 185 these national undertakings is that transmitted under the name of the Doomsday Book. This ancient record was not laid down on map or paper, but was a mere catalogue of property. For this survey c [...]
Full text:[...] 186 The present trigonometrical survey of the United Kingdom, of which the chief department is stationed at Southampton, began in Ireland, in 1825, and when it approached completion, which was very r [...]
Full text:[...] m I t'* THE ARTESIAN WELL, ON SOUTHAMPTON COMMON. Geologists have discovered that the upper crust of the earth is formed of beds or layers resting one upon another in undulating* masses, and that whe [...]
Full text:[...] •■;iS 188 number of ships and an increasing population. The Commissioners of Water Works for the town therefore engaged Mr. Clark, of Tottenham, in the autumn of 1837, to make an experimental boring [...]
Full text:[...] m 189 Fossiliferous shells, petrified wood, layers of limestone, sandstone, and pebbles were met with during the process of excavating. The shells were of the same description as those found in the L [...]
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