Volumes in the collection: Directory of the Borough of Southampton including the neighbouring villages. Corrected to May, 1839
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Full text:[...] 84 Thurlow, Mrs. 72 Vaughan, Thomas Lancaster, William Scard, William Westlake and Co. 73 Gatrell, Thomas 74 Carrel, S. T. 75 Wren, John 76 Lowman, Edward 77 Wolff, James 78 Priaulx, N. M. 79 Playfor [...]
Full text:[...] et 1- :e it 13 Caton, Richard, shoemaker, Fawley Cavan, Countess, Hythe Cave, Joseph, W. baker, Carlton place Cave, Thomas, house painter 69, High street Cave, Abraham John, painter and glazier, 16, [...]
Full text:[...] 25 Foster, E. dress maker, 28, Bevois street Fowler, Robert, esq. surgeon, 67, Marland place Fowle, Francis, chemist and druggist, 15, lower East-st Fox, Charles, chemist and druggist, 156, High stre [...]
Full text:[...] '• / ' Hamilton, Rev. J. DD. Atkins, Mrs. Newman, Captain Howell, Rev. Alexander . Elton, Colonel Edward, G. H. esq. Rich, Captain Langley, Rev. J. Forrest, Mrs. J. Le Feuvre, W. J. esq. Drew, John M [...]
Full text:[...] 85 162 Collings, Edmund 163 Page, William 164 Jessop, Joseph 165 Ellyett, R. D. 166 Wilkinson, G. C. Barrett, The Misses 167 Moss, Mrs/ List, John, esq. 169 Coupland and Night- ingale 170 Wellman, F [...]
Full text:[...] 100 COMMISSIONERS OF WATERWORKS. John Mann. Robert Miller. W. H. Mackey. William Lawes. John Snook. Edward How. Edward Harrison. Henry Clark Richard Higgs. Thomas Ledicott. John Cooksey. William Cha [...]
Full text:[...] 83 HANOVER BUILDINGS Savage, William Read, John Manning, James Osman, James Locke, Mrs. Usher, William, esq. Thompson, George Watts, Peter, esq. . Tucker, John Traffells Baker, Robert Smith, William [...]
Full text:[...] Ball, Thomas, whitesmith, Tiger yard, High street Ball, Egbert, printer, 8, Winchester terrace Ball, Charles, printer, East street, & 11, Waight's terrace Ball, C. and Co. bellhangers, &c. 12, Orchar [...]
Full text:[...] 76 52 Curtis, William and Richard "Withers, Henry Quick, George 55 Brissault, Mrs. Docwra, Robert 57 Page, William Bridgewater 58 Smith, John 59 Mordaunt, Alfred 60 Cole, William 61 Eastman, Thomas 6 [...]
Full text:[...] 80 13 Vincent, Rev. F. 14 15 16 17 Sandame, Elizabeth 18 Gratton, Miss Coombes, Miss A. 20 Spinster, Richard 21 Shelley, John CASTLE LANE Keeping and Witt Salter, John Deacon, Charles Ewens CASTLE SQ [...]
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