Volumes in the collection: Directory of the Borough of Southampton including the neighbouring villages. Corrected to May, 1839
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Full text:[...] 20 Diaper, M. gilder, South front, Kingsland Diaper, John, Rose and Crown, French street Dibden, W. shoemaker, 9, Brewhouse court Dible, Mrs. Pembroke square Dible, James, retailer of beer, Godfrey's [...]
Full text:[...] 54 Purkis, Abraham, Anchor Inn, Redbridge Purkis, C. auctioneer and broker, Pembroke square Purkis, George, grocer and mealinan, Totton Purkis, John, pork-butcher, Canal walk Purkis, James, Totton Pu [...]
Full text:[...] 55 Rawe, Joseph, leather seller, East street Ray, Edward, Spread Eagle, West street Raymond, Henry, surgeon, East street Raymond, Benjamin, butcher, 120, High street Raymond, B. butcher, East street [...]
Full text:[...] m. 70 Wheeler, William, St. Mary!s street Wheeler, George, esq. 73, Marland place Wheeler, Henry, baker, Fawley Wheeler, George, Anchor Tavern, Redbridge Wheeler, C. M. coal and slate dealer, Redbrid [...]
Full text:[...] 80 13 Vincent, Rev. F. 14 15 16 17 Sandame, Elizabeth 18 Gratton, Miss Coombes, Miss A. 20 Spinster, Richard 21 Shelley, John CASTLE LANE Keeping and Witt Salter, John Deacon, Charles Ewens CASTLE SQ [...]
Full text:[...] 82 Tout, Charles Green, George Smith, Henry Thompson, George Ball, Charles Garrett, G. & — Lawrence, Charles Baylis, Leonard Pope, Henry Privett, Mrs. Veal, John Moseley and Co. Hart, Charles Henry L [...]
Full text:[...] 85 162 Collings, Edmund 163 Page, William 164 Jessop, Joseph 165 Ellyett, R. D. 166 Wilkinson, G. C. Barrett, The Misses 167 Moss, Mrs/ List, John, esq. 169 Coupland and Night- ingale 170 Wellman, F [...]
Full text:[...] 88 Churchill, James Osborn, Henry 1 lawkshaw, Mrs. Worlock, John Rhodes, Amelia Hartry, Thomas, esq. Bullar, John Adkins, Rev. T. Stoven, Lady Gallaway, Captain Wightman, R. esq. M. D. Crabb, Miss Mi [...]
Full text:[...] 89 Board, Henry Stride, George Harrison, The Misses ST. MICHAEL'S SQUARE Pitt, Charles Wallis, Henry Boyce, John Burnett, W. White, John Carr, W. Blandford, William. Willington, Isaac Brandreth, Alic [...]
Full text:[...] 94 Fawley, from Kellow and Bienvenu's, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—-Willis. Fling and Hounsdown, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—Peckham. ■, %—- Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.—Olding. Fording [...]
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