Volumes in the collection: Directory of the Borough of Southampton including the neighbouring villages. Corrected to May, 1839
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Full text:[...] 66 W- Tubbs, William, lodging & eating house, 38, French-st. Tubbs, — Sun Inn, Weston Tucker, J. T. auctioneer and cabinet maker, Hanover buildings and 32, Above bar Tucker, William, plasterer, 37, B [...]
Full text:[...] 98 TOWN LETTER CARRIERS. Henry Cole, Cumberland street, St. Mary's. James Waldern, 40, Chandos street. PENNY POST MESSENGERS, RESIDENT IN SOUTHAMPTON SS1SS& LIST OF MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL JOSEPH [...]
Full text:[...] 83 HANOVER BUILDINGS Savage, William Read, John Manning, James Osman, James Locke, Mrs. Usher, William, esq. Thompson, George Watts, Peter, esq. . Tucker, John Traffells Baker, Robert Smith, William [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS, &< -o- 2 4 6 7 8 9 ]0 u 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 '20 21 22 23 25 26 ABOVE BAR Caplen and Co. Drew, H. Hammond and Sons Knightly, Frances Ann Davison, Misses Brooks, Charl [...]
Full text:[...] '• / ' Hamilton, Rev. J. DD. Atkins, Mrs. Newman, Captain Howell, Rev. Alexander . Elton, Colonel Edward, G. H. esq. Rich, Captain Langley, Rev. J. Forrest, Mrs. J. Le Feuvre, W. J. esq. Drew, John M [...]
Full text:[...] 87 Tucker, John, esq. Chivers, John, esq. Andrews, George, esq. Drew, J. W. esq. Eldridge, Richard, esq. Allen, John, esq. Bingham, P. esq. Johnson, General Lawes, Thomas Tiller, John Matthews, Charl [...]
Full text:[...] 89 Board, Henry Stride, George Harrison, The Misses ST. MICHAEL'S SQUARE Pitt, Charles Wallis, Henry Boyce, John Burnett, W. White, John Carr, W. Blandford, William. Willington, Isaac Brandreth, Alic [...]
Full text:[...] 102 STEAM PACKET AND SHIPPING AGENTS. W. J. LeFeuvre, 71, High-street. N. M. Priaulx, 78, High-street. Joseph Clark, jun., 18, High-street. J. Helleur, High-street. W. F. March, 74, High-street. J. S [...]
Full text:[...] 101 NEWSPAPER AGENTS. Lorukm Sf Provincial > and Son, High-street. Papers...........) . Salisbury Journal.....G. Marshall, 39, Bernard-street John Weeks, Castle-square. Hampshire Telegraph. J dimes T [...]
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