Volumes in the collection: Directory of the Borough of Southampton including the neighbouring villages. Corrected to May, 1839
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Full text:[...] 10 Brown, George, ironmonger and whitesmith, St. Mary's street Brown, J. glover, Totton Brown, Mrs. milliner, Commercial road Brown, Mrs. milliner, Albion place Brown, John, carpenter, James street B [...]
Full text:[...] 18 Cromwell, Mrs. F. milliner, Commercial road Cromwell, Daniel, organ builder, 19, Above bar Crook, Nathaniel, baker, Mount street Crook, J. bricklayer, Redbridge Crook, William, baker, Orchard lan [...]
Full text:[...] 31 Haysom, H. tailor, Bernard street Haysom, J. bricklayer, South front, Kingsland Haysom, J. shoemaker, Chandos street Hayter, George and John, coopers, Commercial road Hayter, James, Totton Havter, [...]
Full text:[...] 45 Mitchell, William, bookbinder, and clerk at St. Mary's Church, 2, Wellington place Middleton, Mrs. Grove Place Asylum Miles, Henry, woollen draper and man's mercer, 30, High street Miles, William, [...]
Full text:[...] 49 Oliver, William, butcher, 2 East street Onslow, Sir Henry, Bart. 7, Carlton crescent Oram, Phillip, tailor, Totton O'Reilly, D. esq. Kingsbridge-house, West marlands-Orger, Rev. W. Shirley Osbaldi [...]
Full text:[...] r 68 ; K" Wardle, Colonel, Highfield-house Ware, J. R. esq. surgeon, Bernard street Ware, John, hairdresser, and artist in the preservation of birds, &c. 94, High street Ware, J. carpenter, Shirley [...]
Full text:[...] 77 11 Garland, W. 12 Hughes, James 13 Grimes, Thomas 14 Martin, Miss 15 Penton, Miss 16 Faithful, W. 17. Speek, Joseph 18 Angoville, Omer 19 Martin, Mrs. 20 Grant, John 21 Hulton, Rev. W. 22 Draper, [...]
Full text:[...] 79 Petty, Ashley Purkin, James Shirwell, Charles Broomfield, James Swift, Cross, George Smithers, Thomas Lisle, John Pembroke, George Taplin, Edward Bailey, Joel Warwick, John Field, John Ren [...]
Full text:[...] 87 Tucker, John, esq. Chivers, John, esq. Andrews, George, esq. Drew, J. W. esq. Eldridge, Richard, esq. Allen, John, esq. Bingham, P. esq. Johnson, General Lawes, Thomas Tiller, John Matthews, Charl [...]
Full text:[...] a HOWQUAS MIXTURE," and a powquas Small Leaf Gunpowder" TEAS. The Sole Proprietor of the above celebrated Teas is Captain JOHN RHODES BIDDING, late Commander of the Hon. Company's Ship Thames, of 140 [...]
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